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kernel panic -- again =\

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Hello guys,


I'm having problems with kernel panic again and also with my sound.

It seems that the kernel panic only occurs when I'm trying to emerge mplayer with the use flags a52 and ffmpeg.

I could emerge mplayer without this two flags.


And I can't get sound on mplayer/smplayer working, but I can get the sound working on the videos from youtube.


I've here my dmesg and kernel configuration for more expert users can take a look and see if there is something (I know there is, but not what exactly) wrong.


Just some points, after a while I gave up trying to install funtoo with crypt HD using LVM and busybox, I'll come back to that later, but for now, I need my notebook for work.

So I have installed the funtoo in a very normal way, GPT uncrypted, using gentoo-sources and genkernel.


Here is the config files:

dmesg: https://bpaste.net/show/f0883dc6d635

kernel: https://bpaste.net/show/f1aa0e87a00a


Thanks guys!


PS: I tried to take a photo of the screen but the image got all fuzzy, so whenever it occurs again I'll try to get a better photo and post here.

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It can be really hard to figure out what is going wrong with a kernel. I am going through my own issues with a server motherboard I have. With 3.17.0, my PCI firewire card stops working. It's not related to the firewire driver exactly -- it can't allocate an IRQ!


What I did, per the suggestion of the firewire devs, is to "bisect" my kernel. That means I used the "git bisect" feature to narrow down the *exact* commit that caused the kernel to start failing on my hardware. I was then able to contact the Intel developer who made the commit, who is being very helpful and considers it a regression (bug), and is trying to fix it.


The basic process for bisecting a kernel is to git clone the kernel sources, and then you use the git bisect command to tag "good" and "bad" versions. git bisect will find the middle commit between good and bad, which you then compile and see if it works or not. If yes, it gets tagged as good, if not, it is tagged as bad. Eventually (took me 13 tries), I found the *exact* commit that caused my issue.


Then I could contact someone who could help.

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Thanks drobbins, I'm gonna take a lot on how do I disect a kernel.


And any ideas on the sound matter?! It seems really strange to me, because sounds work really fine on the internet, but not at desktop applications, like mplayer.

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