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Hello all,

So is anyone trying to get Funtoo running on RPI 3 B+, would like to know of anyone working on this. I am back and jumping in the rabbit hole HAHA. Hey where is that guy that teases me about my rabbit holes, I would like to catch up 🙂

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I am looking at doing the same thing - starting with the gentoo guide - but do not have much spare time at the moment to invest in this. If/when I do, if I have progress I can let you know. 😊

The approach that I am now considering is to first follow that Gentoo guide to install arm64 Gentoo on the Rpi 3 B+. Then follow the Funtoo install guide using arm64 generic stage3 from within gentoo on RPi; including building a basic arm64 kernel and installing onto another micro SD card via USB. The downside of this approach is the compilation speed on the RPi being slow. I would prefer to cross compile Funtoo arm64 for RPi however I have so far been unable to successfully create a cross aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu toolchain.

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