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Why Funtoo is not migrating on GitLab ?

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Hello to everybody & sorry for my poor english.

I really wish to ask the comunity of Funtoo:

Why you are staying on GitHub,scince it was acquired by the Sionistic/Massonic microsoft?
Are you not affraid,that someone can manipulate your sources to realese some kind of backdoor in your images ?

Thanks . 

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I think that Microsoft knows the kind of problems that would be caused if they abused their ownership of GitHub and I think they know beyond a shadow of a doubt what it would cost them:




Let's face it, when it comes to freedom, privacy, an open market, and just about every other category of economic threat you can imagine Google/Alphabet/Android/Chrom* is bigger than Microsoft ever was.  If Microsoft wants to stop their market share slide (much less regain market dominance) then they need software developers to like them and to work with them. 

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