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NetworkManager consistently segfaults (on a specific device)

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I built NetworkManager with these settings:

net-misc/networkmanager -dhclient -ppp -wext


(I rebuilt it with -dhcpcd and have the same issue, and also ensure that my kernel had support for wireless extensions).


However, I came across this bug and this post:



The segfault:

NetworkManager segfault at 8 ip 00007fa89e102e16 sp 00007fff51f34be8 error 4 in libc-2.23.so[7fa89e084000+18e000]


The interesting thing is that this issue is tied to shorewall.  Whenever I start my shorewall, I get this segfault.  I only get this issue with this particular device (router) and not my other devices (workstations).  The rulesets are different between my workstations and my router so that may be why I don't experience this issue on those devices.  Still though, I find it odd that shorewall or iptables would cause some sort of issue with NetworkManager.


I just reverted back to 1.4.4-r1 and will use that until I can sort out this issue with 1.10.2.

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