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Funtoo improves Dropbox

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Hi All, 

I've just massively reworked the net-misc/dropbox ebuild to provide a much better experience in Funtoo and you should see this showing up in the next few hours. I couldn't get the Gentoo dropbox working reliably. Here is a list of all the changes:

  • Updated to dropbox-39.4.49.ebuild
  • No longer has an initscript
  • It now sets up ~/.dropbox-dist for each user who sets up dropbox (rather than having a system dropbox install)
  • You don't need to be in the "dropbox" group to use the dropbox nautilus (gnome file browser) extension
  • gnome support is built-in (as long as "gnome" is set in USE, which it is if you are using the GNOME mix-in.)
  • Reworked the python 'dropbox' script to provide a better user experience and be optimal for Funtoo:
    • if you start "dropbox" for the first time from GNOME, it will start a GTK+ installer to set up dropbox for you.
    • if you don't have a GUI, you can still install dropbox
    • The above two features are existing features of dropbox that were somewhat borked in Gentoo.
    • At the end of the setup process, you are given instructions on how to enable dropbox on startup.
  • dropbox command-line tool is also included.

Please note that if you have nautilus-dropbox installed, you will need to remove it.

This should result in a really nice experience for dropbox users.

Use as follows:

# emerge dropbox (make sure it's 39.4.49 -- this is the new version.)
(as regular user:)
$ dropbox start -i

This will initialize the ~/.dropbox-dist directory for the user via a command-line or GTK+ interface. Once this is done, dropbox start should be added to your .bash_login and/or .xprofile and can be run immediately to start dropbox in your current session.

Since the ebuild is completely new, the possibility of bugs exist. Please report bugs at https://bugs.funtoo.org . Thanks.


Screenshot from 2017-11-19 23-40-47.png

Screenshot from 2017-11-19 23-41-19.png

Screenshot from 2017-11-19 23-41-33.png

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Oh, and you also get the QT5-based GUI without having to emerge all of the QT5 libraries. This is very handy for GNOME users. Note that when dropbox is started in GNOME, you will have a little GNOME task icon for dropbox.... It contains dropbox settings...

Screenshot from 2017-11-19 23-48-02.png

Screenshot from 2017-11-19 23-48-45.png

Screenshot from 2017-11-19 23-49-13.png

Screenshot from 2017-11-19 23-49-48.png

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Note that the original ebuild I wrote had quite a few issues -- all should now be fixed, and the fixes will be showing up in the -r1 version of the ebuild that should be appearing in meta-repo in a bit. Fixes for gnome and non-gnome installs, python fixes, and now should be quite solid. Thanks for the bug reports!

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Hi everyone, on Nov. 7, 2018, we’re ending support for Dropbox syncing to drives with certain uncommon file systems. The supported file systems are NTFS for Windows, HFS+ or APFS for Mac, and Ext4 for Linux.



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