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Use or not of Make.conf file

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Just a question, not wanting to start a discussion nor a flamewar.

I have been a long time Gentoo user, and I am used to do everything to do with : /etc/portage/make.conf,

I know that people are going to say, Funtoo != Gentoo, I could not agree more, it is fast & lean, just how an OS must be.

A staff member said: 


 you shouldn't put anything into make.conf. you need to sync again and there should be ego update to 1.1.3-r5


I respect his opinion,  but why is Funtoo taken this approach (to move away from make.conf) or why I am not getting it, 

I am trying to understand and learn...

If I do not set my makeopts, will Funtoo be able to determine my (virtual) cpu's?


Just wondering...

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I use make.conf; I started to write it in 2010 using Gentoo; then I use it also if  may be "redundant" about some use flags; and i've a lot of USE and ~ 2000 ebuilds installed. Cause i like to have as more as possible the status and configuration of my system under my eyes :)

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