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Hey guys,

Is something going on with the forums? I'm unable to see any support subforums (and I'm in the need because of a big mess caused by perl 5.18), and when I came to general discussion forum, before clicking the forum I can read "28 topics", and when I enter I see no topics posted (and it says, "no topics found"). 


Is there something wrong? Did I missed something (a setting maybe?)


Thanks in advance!

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Update: Now I see dev central (I didn't touch anything), but I see only my post in General Discussion forums.


Edit: I tried to delete this post and edit the first one, but I don't know how to delete it, my bad!


Edit 2: I see two links in the sidebar, saying forums.


Here's what I see, and I see the same under the "Funtoo forums" entry.




Edit 3 - the revenge of Edits: I don't know how it happened -- I feel like and end user. I swear I did not touch any setting of the forum, but I asked myself If there would be some kind of filter restricting what I was able to see, and yes... I saw a filter under "CUSTOM" showing posts only "From today" under the "Time frame" section.

I have two unresolved issues, though:


- The first time I logged in, i did not see dev central. I don't know if I hit f5 or something like that, but if I can reproduce the issue I'll post back.

- I see "Funtoo Forums" and "Forums", and when I click "Funtoo Forums", what gets activated is "Forums" only.


Thanks and sorry about all this mess.

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