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Found 1 result

  1. Hi! I try to recompile all my world with -O3 but I am a novice beneath a portage sky. I had been trying to emerge xorg-drivers and seen that xf86-input-evdev is masked. I deleted it with a thought that emerging xorg-x11 will get all dependencies. But it did not. So this had broken my laptop: # emerge --unmerge xf86-input-evdev # emerge xorg-x11 # reboot Now I cannot type my pass in SLIM and there is no mouse. I have usb-srick with system-rescue-cd. So how turn back my system? How to emerge xorg-x11 with all dependencies. One remark: I do not want to add to my world xorg-drivers cause wise man said: ''World contains programs that have dependencies. World is not dependencies.'
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