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Found 3 results

  1. The approach to installing steam as described here: https://www.funtoo.org/Steam is very clever. However, it doesn't describe how it applies to Optimus laptops. Or am I missing something? Can the guide for Steam be used for gaming (Optimus) laptops? Sorry, but I'm just a mere mortal trying to figure out how I can use my gaming laptop given that Funtoo is now fully 64-bit. Other things in mind: Lutris, Wine, DXVK, Vulkan, Steam proton.
  2. I am trying to use Windows vsts in Renoise (native linux version) through Wine, using the airwave vst bridge. If I use 32 bit version of Renoise everything works perfectly but with the 64 bit version it doesn't work at all, the plugins cannot be loaded in Renoise. I have managed to get someone else to try to replicate the problem and they could not, it seems renoise is perfectly capable to load these plugins on other systems. So this has lead me to believe I am missing something on my system because 32 bit works and 64 bit doesn't. This is my wine version: 1.7.29^t{tbz2}(X alsa fontc
  3. tolvo

    Multilib Issue

    Hello, my doubt is for enable a multilib system (able to run wine, skype, ...) I just have install "emul-linux" packages?
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