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Found 2 results

  1. Wouldn't it be nice to have all the virtualization/emulation software in one kit instead it being all over the place? It would make testing and deploying virtualization technologies much easier. Most of the virtualization software is in nokit. LXC and LXD are in core-kit. Some libvirt python bindings are in python-kit, and virtualbox guest additions are in xorg-kit. virtualzation pkgs: app-emulation/libvirt::nokit app-emulation/qemu::nokit app-emulation/lxc::core-kit app-emulation/lxd::core-kit app-emulation/virtualbox::nokit app-emulation/virtualbox-bin::nokit app-emulation/xen::nokit virtualization tools: app-emulation/virt-manager::nokit app-emulation/virt-viewer::nokit app-emulation/virtio-win::nokit app-emulation/virtualbox-guest-additions::xorg-kit app-emulation/open-vm-tools::nokit dev-python/libvirt-python::python-kit cloud related virtualization software: app-emulation/docker::nokit app-emulation/cloud-init::nokit app-emulation/containerd::nokit hard emulators: app-emulation/bochs::nokit app-emulation/armv8-fast-model::nokit app-emulation/edumips64::nokit app-emulation/vmips::nokit I'm sure I forgot many packages, the open-vz kernel sources, probably more emulators, and more stuff related to docker, but this is just an idea how to consolidate the virtualization packages into one kit.
  2. With all of the tools such as docker and virtualbox, I can easily launch a VM, but what I would like to do is to simulate all of the typical activity I perform on my machine and replay that against the VM to see what works and doesn't work. Is this possible using off-the-shelf software? For example, I would like to plug in a USB thumbdrive, join a wifi network, have certain displays connected, etc.
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