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  1. Hello, first of all thank you everyone for all the effort you have put into funtoo/gentoo the wiki, the forum and everything not so obvious. As for the problem... I've installed funtoo and gentoo several times and everytime it went more or less smoothly. So I decided I want to switch my NUC to funtoo, too, and ran into some weird issues. Please note that this is an offline installation. I started the way I usually set this up. Use the installation wiki as a check list. ..., then emerge @world -uND and all went smooth so far. Then I rebooted and ran into several blockers which I have no idea how to debug [and which I'm unsure whether or not I shall mention them all here or in separate posts]. First thing after reboot I wanted to install neovim [which hangs at some other point [scanning dependencies of target helptags] when I tried to rebuild without ruby use flags]. After waiting for several hours I decided to abort and build ruby by itself and during the prepare phase it keeps hanging at the line: checking for broken backtrace the log files tell me exactly the same as the console output. I repeated this step a few times, same result every time. So what's going on? How can I check if my system is missing something? How can I debug this hang?
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