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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, Funtoo community, I am a happy desktop and server user of Funtoo. I consider this community as good and awesome as the best FOSS communities out there. I am, of those, who actually have fun using Funtoo. That said, I want to express my honest opinion on our systemd stance. Now, before I start, this is not: * a request * a claim for support * a rant This is only my opinion and, since we coexist in a free and friendly community, I think this is the right place to post this. Systemd has been adopted by many of the important GNU & Linux distributions all around. It is the standard in all the new main stream distributions; or, at least, most of them. This is not because they're all blockheads and made the decision to switch just for the sake of fashion. Then again, I have not read the code and am not aware of the specifics. It is used a lot and it will be the industry standard for servers and embedded systems. We do not use it. We consider it trash. We, also, alienate ourselves from the rest of the industry and become something totally different; which makes it really hard to be considered as a serious alternative OS for the aforementioned. One can, always, implement it as far as one can and use it wherever it is possible. It's, still, hard to convince my manager/client that Funtoo is awesome, though. Systemd is not bad at all. I've used it since I come from Fedora. To me, it is really simple to use, well documented and easy to understand. It manages almost every aspect of the system; and keeps growing since almost every upstream project is using it and contributing to it. It is destined to become better. Meanwhile, we cannot even use it since it is not supported. This choice is not given to us. One has to go against our distro in order to try it out or test it's implementation. The alternative is to switch to Gentoo; but I didn't come to Funtoo to start using Gentoo. Hey, OpenRC is not bad at all. It might lack some functionality or, maybe, it is my ignorance talking. Anyway, it is what we use and what we have. It boots fast and it's able to get the job done and pretty well. It is easy to use and stuff... but I don't see upstream distributions adopting it nor contributing in any way. <Sigh>... I just think we had a choice here... that's all.
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