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Found 3 results

  1. So I noticed multilib support is being removed with the 1.3 release. I personally welcome moving to pure AMD64 and have done so ages ago on most machines I manage, but then there's all that pesky proprietary software that cannot be recompiled at-will. I've seen the wiki guide on running a x86 chroot as a workaround, but it looks like it creates a purely AMD64 system with a purely x86 system in a chroot. But I'd like to clear something out: with this particular approach, is it possible to somehow fuse the base system with whatever is in the chroot to make a makeshift multilib-like system? Reason for asking this is because in particular, some games require additional x86 software to launch / run, while the game itself outright requires AMD64 (e.g. running a AMD64-only game on steam, which itself needs x86). How about Wine, too? To quote Wine Wiki: "Even many 64-bit programs still include 32-bit components" (applicable to windows software), so being able to have a WoW64 build of wine would also be preferred, again, mostly for AMD64-only games. If that is not possible, I suppose I could try to run a gentoo chroot within my funtoo gaming machine, but this brings a multitude of other problems, so I'd rather not, if possible. :V TL;DR how do I run games that effectively require both x86 and AMD64 to function after upgrading Funtoo to 1.3?
  2. Everyone, There is an effort under way in Gentoo-land to add the ability for lots of ebuilds to optionally compile as 32-bit ebuilds on 64-bit systems (via an eclass,) so that they can be used to fulfill dependencies for 32-bit binary apps that you may be using, like Skype. It looks like the goal of this is to replace emul-linux-x86* ebuilds which package binary 32-bit libraries for this purpose, and is thus notably un-gentoo-like. I'm wondering how many people out there take advantage of multilib at all. I know I use multilib for Skype, but that's it. You can tell if an ebuild uses the 32-bit dependencies if it depends (actually, RDEPENDS) on anything starting with emul-linux-x86. You can grep /var/db/pkg and see if you have anything. It's (as far as I know) pretty much only needed for pre-built binary apps that run in 32-bit mode on 64-bit systems. When I first created Gentoo 64-bit, I intentionally avoided supporting multilib (32-bit runtime) support, and wanted to try to do all of this in a chroot, to keep ebuilds simple. Well, the devs at Gentoo went ahead and added it anyway, and it has been a big mess. I am also wondering how many people have played around with running 32-bit apps in a 32-bit chroot. I am wondering if I could get Skype working this way. It would take up more disk space but would be a cleaner approach. -Daniel
  3. tolvo

    Multilib Issue

    Hello, my doubt is for enable a multilib system (able to run wine, skype, ...) I just have install "emul-linux" packages?
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