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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, As mentioned in another post I am a bit tired of KDE at the moment and have been struggling some time with the, as it seems, impossible task of configuring Cinnamon. I have had all kind of problems mostly based in the fact that cinnamon turned out to use my three displays as one single display. After some searching I found out that I was missing the xinerama USE-flag. This is default on KDE and I have verified that xinarama is enabled on a lot of packages using the kde-plasma-5 mix-in. If I use the cinnerama mix-in the xinerama USE-flag will not be automatically set but have to be set in make.conf Is this a cautious decision or an mistake? Shall I write a feature/bug request? Regards, Erik
  2. Hi another new Funtoo user here : https://www.funtoo.org/Package:Awesome_(Window_Manager) for KDE Funtoo has the kde mix-in and in Gentoo's wiki they recommend gnome, doc, dbus, luajit USE flags , I was wondering : Q1 - Is there an equivalent or recommended mix-in for this or other Windows Managers? X? Q2 - I don't understand why they recommend gnome and dbus as a USE flags for this app. Q3 - I'm mostly interested in seting luajit flag. a) Does Funtoo support it? ; b) How do I check this on my own so I don't bother anyone? ; c) is there a way to see which flags a package is using, really using and not just theoretical? ; d) Can I use /etc/portage/package.use as a directory with different files inside for each package or in Funtoo package.use is always a file?. Thanks for your time. Hello Funtoo !!!.
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