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Found 17 results

  1. ego sync gives a couple of "errors". Some of the kit repositories are "behind" and don't get updated: Syncing meta-repo M kits/core-hw-kit M kits/core-kit M kits/desktop-kit M kits/dev-kit M kits/editors-kit M kits/games-kit M kits/gnome-kit M kits/haskell-kit M kits/java-kit M kits/kde-kit M kits/lang-kit M kits/lisp-scheme-kit M kits/llvm-kit M kits/media-kit M kits/ml-lang-kit M kits/net-kit M kits/nokit M kits/perl-kit M kits/php-kit M kits/python-kit M kits/
  2. Hi all, I wanted to open a discussion about collecting some anonymous usage data about funtoo kits and maybe some more metrics from your computers. What are your thoughts about it? This is what for example Nextcloud is using and collecting: Actual data sent: { "id": "oc9f8tble2uv", "items": [ [ "server", "version", "" ], [ "php", "version", "7.1.10" ], [ "php", "memory_limit", 536870912 ], [
  3. Let me preface this post by saying I hope it will be constructive. It's not my intention to simply complain or vent. I wanted to share my experience updating one of my funtoo systems the past two days, because I feel that kits (so far) may not be living up to their promise. I had hoped they would smooth over some of the headaches of system upgrades. My upgrade process went something like this: Blockers where USE=qt4 had to be added to several packages, successively. That is... emerge @world; long wait; portage reports package needs USE=qt4; add USE flag; emerge @world; long wa
  4. Hi, everyone! We are pleased to announce that media-kit 1.1-prime branch is set as default. After tree update you will notice a bunch of updates to media-related ebuilds.
  5. Can /usr/portage be deleted now that /var/git/meta-repo stores all the ebuild info?
  6. Hi All, xorg-kit 1.19-prime will be the default after the next tree update. It includes xorg-server-1.19.3 but with backports of all security fixes through (and including) xorg-server 1.19.5.
  7. Hi All, Oleg is currently working on getting 1.19-prime ready to be the default xorg-kit, replacing 1.17-prime. We are adding some CVE fixes and mesa has been bumped to a non-release candidate. In the next day or so, if you do not have 1.17-prime specified in /etc/ego.conf, your xorg-kit will automatically switch over to 1.19-prime after ego sync.
  8. Hello. After updating ego to 2.2.X it started ignoring my ego.conf and switched couple of kits to "default" branches. However I would like to stay on "master" branches, but it doesn't allow this any more. So is it some kind of planned feature? Any normal way to switch back again to master branches or just "git pull master" in kits git dirs?
  9. Hey All, If you have a Funtoo container and would like to upgrade to kits, please contact me. I can reload your container so you can start with a 'fresh' system that is set up to work with kits from the beginning. The actual re-image process takes about 5 minutes to complete. It does require that you back up your important data, and once reloaded, your container will need your favorite apps emerged again. Regards, Daniel
  10. hello again, i've the following set into my ego.conf: xorg-kit = 1.19-prime media-kit = 1.1-prime kde-kit = master however on today sync i've got this message: "Kit kde-kit branch master specified in ego.conf is not currently active; using default kit instead." so why can i not choose kde-kit's master branch anymore in ego.conf? i've forced the master branch checkout by adding: @git -C /home/meta-repo/kits/kde-kit checkout origin/master || true into eix-sync.conf, however i wonder why these kind of hacks are necessary... thank you
  11. Hi, just ran ego sync and got ... Syncing lang-kit branch 1.1-prime fatal: Could not change back to '/root': Permission denied Could not clone kit 'lang-kit' into '/var/git/meta-repo/kits/lang-kit'. Any help? Thanks. -- Saulius
  12. Hey everyone, I've just added a new kit called lang-kit, which is a kit for all programming languages that do not have their own kit. This includes mono, fsharp, node.js, tcl-tk, lua, go, erlang and associated categories, plus all of dev-lang that doesn't end up in its own kit. Lang-kit should be appearing within the next hour after your next ego sync. This kit was created to address a nodejs upgrade issue that is causing some issues in the tree and will allow us to lock-in node.js which is getting frequently updated by gentoo upstream. Regards, Daniel
  13. Hi all, A multitude of new kits are coming your way. I'll give you a list of what they are and share other kit-related updates with you. The new kits you'll be seeing soon are: ruby-kit, haskell-kit, ml-lang-kit, lisp-scheme-kit, and xfce-kit. With the exception of xfce-kit, these kits are all essentially sub-kits of dev-kit (and now have their own kit, just to try to pare down dev-kit a bit.) xfce-kit is for the XFCE 4.12 desktop environment. In addition, we have snapshotted/frozen the following kits: *java-kit*, ruby-kit, haskell-kit, ml-lang-kit, lisp-scheme-kit, *dev-kit*, x
  14. skunk

    kits logic

    hello devs (oleg) :) i wonder what are the rules behind this new kit organization... do packages from the master branch eventually make into a prime branch or are prime branches virtually immutable? if the former, after lying into the the master branch for some time (like gentoo's stable/unstable)? how long? any other criterion instead? if the latter, are "stable users" supposed to jump from prime-n to prime-n+1 branches at their discretion? for example i'm on the default 5.10-prime kde-kit's branch and i see that kde-plasma-5.11.0, kde-frameworks-5.39 and kde-apps-17.08.2 were added t
  15. skunk

    eix and kits

    hello funtooers, i've managed to upgrade my box from kde4/stable/ports-2012 to plasma5/current/meta-repo, however i'm really missing the eix tool to search for packages and querying installed ones... is there a way to make eix work with kits? thank you!
  16. With the on-going change, it's expected that we, users, have several and different, difficulties. And while it is impossible to deal with all at once, I feel that one sticky thread should be there to guide. Or use only github's issues feature. Myself, have posted in various threads during the last weeks. And contribute, this way, in more noise. Apologies for that. Can we have one sticky thread for the Switch? Thank you
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