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Found 6 results

  1. I was trying to merge jEdit programmer's editor and got errors on javamail that took a little while to track down, so here's how to fix it. BUILD FAILED Target "-push-to-maven-init" does not exist in the project "JavaMail". It is used from target "push-to-maven-prepare". build.xml of dev-java/oracle-javamail-1.5.6 contains: <!DOCTYPE project [ <!ENTITY commonBuild SYSTEM "ant-common.xml"> ]> ... &commonBuild; And ant-common.xml contains necessary code. BUT Python xml.sax module by default does not expand external entities since Python 3.6.7, 3.7.1 and 3.8.0
  2. Some Java components as JLabel, JButton and many others is not showing up on the JFrame. If I set a text to a button, it doesn't appear in the screen. I suspected that this issue is because the default font used by Java is not installed so I tried to change the font used in the components but once again it didn't show up anything. I checked if it was due to bad code or something like this but was not the case, also I used codes from the internet and none worked. I really don't have another idea of how to solve this and I'm worried because I need to practice Java UI due to I'm studying an
  3. Hello Guys I am try rstudio in Funtoo This error when compiler in 62% not found java compiler have this code: [java] Linking into /var/tmp/portage/sci-mathematics/rstudio-1.0.153/work/rstudio-1.0.153/src/gwt/www/rstudio; Writing extras to /var/tmp/portage/sci-mathematics/rstudio-1.0.153/work/rstudio-1.0.153/src/gwt/extras/rstudio [java] Link succeeded [java] Linking succeeded -- 1.367s build: BUILD SUCCESSFUL Total time: 3 minutes 12 seconds make[2]: Leaving directory '/var/tmp/portage/sci-mathematics/rstudio-1.0.153/work/rstudio-1.0.153_build' [ 62%] Built ta
  4. digifuzzy

    Funtoo Java

    The Java SE page talks about emerging java using the virtual/jdk ebuild. So how does one specify icedtea by default instead?
  5. The www-client/firefox 'plugin check' indicates that my Java Plugin 10.67.2 is vulnerable. Currently I have dev-java/oracle-jdk-bin:1.7 ( installed and eselect java-nsplugin is therefore set to oracle-jdk-bin-1.7. Looking at available packages I see that there is a 1.8 version ( So I went ahead and installed this version with emerge --oneshot oracle-jdk-bin:1.8 eselect java-nsplugin now lists 1.7 and 1.8 however if I attempt to set 1.8 it fails with the following message !!! Error: Usage: set [32bit or 64bit] [nsplugin-vm] exiting It is also worth noting that I rec
  6. The USGS Global Visualization Viewer requires Java 7 or higher. In my Funtoo box I have: java -version java version "1.7.0_51" Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_51-b13) Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.51-b03, mixed mode Isn't this already version 7? How do I get past this obstacle? I currently use Firefox which features (the plugin) IcedTea-Web ver. 1.3.2. I have also been through http://www.funtoo.org/Funtoo_Linux_Web_Browsers#Oracle_Java_Runtime_Environment to ensure it was not a "Security" misconfiguration.
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