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  1. How can I reinstall my whole system, with new USE/CFLAGS, to a new partition/root? Basically, I want one set of USE/CFLAGS on one partition and another on the second, but all the packages the same and without going through a lot of manual configuration. Basically, I want to keep an optimized "just my hardware" install, and have a second one thats generic (or least any x86-64). I'm thinking that I should be able to untar the stage3 to the new partition, bind /usr/portage to the new root, chroot in and run emerge with whatever flags required to tell it to rebuild EVERYTHING (anyone know what flags that would be offhand?). I'll be adding the flag to generate binary packages as well so I can reinstall to other machines quickly, giving me sane starting point for other installs. Questions: Where is the package database stored, since I have to make sure this is seen by the new root? Likely, I need to copy this, not bind it, because ... Since the system stores what USE flags things were compiled with, I need to be sure this is separate between the two systems. Anyone have advice on to make sure this is done "correctly"? Suggested emerge flags for this? Other comments and suggestions are welcome!
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