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Found 1 result

  1. Hello. I am using Funtoo on my laptop for about a couple of weeks now and I start thinking about installing it on a computer I use as a spare one at work. The issue is that the place I want to use it at has no Internet or any other network connection at all. So I would like to ask a couple of questions: 1) Is it possible to maintain a Funtoo distribusion with just a flash drive? 2) Is not it going to be too much pain in the butt to do? 3) Is it absolutely required to have a Portage system installed on a network connected machine from which the update files are going to come. 4) It would be nice to be able to install Funtoo at the machine without the need to transport it. Is it possible to install a system using previously downloaded files only? If it is possible to do then it would be nice to have at least a brief explanation. Did anyone even tried anything like this?
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