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Found 2 results

  1. Hello peeps. I broke my Gentoo, so now I have questions... Long time (2003) Gentoo user, finally switching. currently running one each desktop and server, both encrypted root over lvm. Unfortunately' server is almost totally broke, every command gives "illegal hardware instruction", else i'd start with it. 24 threads and 56gb of ram makes Larry go "Wheee!" But nfs still works, so I can keep the workstation up. Currently installing base funtoo in chroot, with intent to move all to / with live-usb, setup luks, grub, and so forth. Although I may go ahead and get server up first. Have to first find or buy empty usb. Anyhow, fstab is at https://github.com/notquitesane/lenovo_4-1470_etc/blob/fix_sync/fstab, with funtoo verson at https://github.com/notquitesane/lenovo_4-1470_etc_funtoo/blob/master/fstab. It seems to me I can just copy from old to new. However, /var/cache/distfiles, /var/cache/binpkgs, and /var/db/repos/gentoo, all show as existing but empty on new system. Since I have downloaded and compiled several packages, and almost always use -bk switches, the correct location is elsewhere. What values should I put there? nqs
  2. Hello All, I have a question regarding the use flags with the intel64-haswell subarch. Since I don't plan to compile code on any other machine but the computer I'm installing on, why would the use flag -march=core-avx2 be superior to -march=native? Perhaps I'm incorrect, but wouldn't -march=native be best for me? If not, why? I'm really confused by core-avx2. I could be wrong, but I think using -march=native is equivalent to -march=haswell in this case. If so, is -march=haswell different from -march=core-avx2? I did notice that the CPU_FLAGS mentioned on the subarch page missed avx2, so I added that into the CPU_FLAGS within make.conf. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rick
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