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Found 4 results

  1. I was testing using LibreSSL and other things (like Liquorix kenerl, musl, gentooLTO, etc) on my Funtoo in a virtualbox and I experienced some emake fails and another issues. So I decided to try install each thing at a time instead mixing and trying all at the same time. So I tried first to install LibreSSL following the Funtoo's tutorial and was a success, but when I tried to install networkmanager occurred an emake fail with the net-wireless/crda package. I saw that this package has a libressl flag, I suspect that libressl makes it fail. I also experienced some emake fails early when I tried to install musl; seems that theses packages causes a lot of problems, or I might be too newbie to try these advanced things.
  2. Well, I did "ego sync" and then "emerge -auDN @world" and the packages just were been updated after long hours. So I reboot my notebook and then... Some programs were not recognized (e.g., I typed "ls" and it said something like "ls is not a command"). So I checked the PATH variable and there was too few paths in it. So I tried to put others paths like "/bin, /usr/local/bin" and others and finally I could launch dwm and open my browser ... And now I'm here. Does anybody have an idea of how to fix this issue? Well, I know that there is some files that sets the PATH var, but if a program changed it I think the program might could change another things too...
  3. Well, a time ago I knew about Gentoo and Funtoo and I liked the philosophy and how it works, then I decided to install Funtoo on my notebook (that I'm using right now). Someday I tried to install VLC and in the middle of the installation, when compiling QtGui, my notebook stopped being hot and noisy (what is normal when it's compiling packages). So I checked the processor cores with htop and it seemed like the compilation process just was dead. I waited some more minutes and nothing... I decided to cancel the installation. Later I tried to install Aseprite and the Allegro package has needed as well, so I started emerging the packages but when my notebook was compiling Allegro just occurred an Emake error with no much details about what happened. Then I decided to install Aseprite by compiling manually (as shown on its github page) and it worked fine. Finally some days ago I tried to install nextcloud-client package that required some Qt packages and once again the installation failed but this time with an error saying that my notebook processor has not support for aes. I also tried to install G'MIC on my GIMP but I could not be able to do that; I suspect that because I don't have any Qt package and because that G'MIC (that uses Qt) does not work. What can I do to solve this situation? I tried to use Entropy package manager but occurred some conflicts and I had to reinstall Funtoo. I also tried to install some packages with Flatpak, but it does not have some packages (qutebrowser for example). Is there a another way to install binary packages or to solve the compilation errors?
  4. I am trying to install mate and I'm getting stuck on this one package, engrampa. * Messages for package app-arch/engrampa-1.8.1-r1: * Cannot find $EPATCH_SOURCE! Value for $EPATCH_SOURCE is: * * /usr/portage/app-arch/engrampa/files/engrampa-1.8.0-caja-schema-fix.patch * ( engrampa-1.8.0-caja-schema-fix.patch ) * ERROR: app-arch/engrampa-1.8.1-r1 failed (prepare phase): It seems to me like the problem is it cannot find a patch that does not exist. I have not a clue how I would even fix this issue and I have looked for the patch on it's own but I came up dry. I also have tried masking the caja use flag for this specfiic package and it still gives me the same result even after confirming -caja was being used. Here is the whole output of when I emerge mate : http://pastebin.com/yD98VJ9Y and here is my emerge --info '=app-arch/engrampa-1.8.1-r1' output : http://pastebin.com/MSM0DtN3 Thanks in advance.
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