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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All I'm a gentoo user and wanting to try funtoo out. But have confused myself right off the bat.. as I am unsure what file to download for my computer can someone please point me in the right direction I will be installing the funtoo on a Dell Latitude E6430 intel CORE i5 vPRO Service Tag : D1NKLV1 CPUFLAGS : aes avx f16c mmx mmxext pclmul popcnt sse sse2 sse3 sse4_1 sse4_2 ssse3 when I type the cpu flags into the search on the download page it takes me to a AMD download Also included the service tag above if you want to see more info on this laptop Thanks in advance Mike
  2. Hi All, Is my first time installing Funtoo, am just an hobbyist not an expert, am happy that I have been able to install it at first attempt but am experiencing a couple of problems already. The main one prevents me to move on: I reached the point of installing SDDM (I love KDE and choosen it. Nvidia drivers installed too): reboot and it does'nt accept password. I have been installing Lightdm too and I get the same problem. Plus, after clicking for password, the login page comes out not in correct position, leaving a black strip on the left side of the screen (image hereby attached), it goes in the right position clicking again. I don't know the reason, maybe useful to know that during Funtoo's installation process I discovered that I have been messing up with file/folders permissions over an other distro making it unusable and I have been erasing and installing it again (Grub is there, I did'nt install it with Funtoo). Details are: 1 - Linux-Mint /dev/sdb2 (Grub here) 2 - Funtoo /dev/sdb3 3 - Calculate Linux /dev/sdb4 (/dev/sda = Windows 10. Both disks UEFI) (/dev/sda2 = boot efi partition) Well, that is the main issue, I know is correct to put only one question for each discussion, but ask permission to add another couple of problems, as because am sure solution for them is very simple (I found the solution already in the forum for the first one but I am unable to understand the process suggested there), as because maybe they are related with the login issue.Problems are: 1 - during installation, terminal telling me: Message for package media-sound/pulseaudio-11.1: - A preallocated buffer-size of 2048 (kb) or higher is recommended for the hd-audio driver! CONFIG_SND_HDA_PREALLOC_SIZE=54 2 - Another message telling me that is unable to fetch media-libs/schroedinger-1.0.11-r1 I don't know which details useful for you I can add. Please, if needing let me know. Thank you for reading. Ciao (Yes, I am Italian) :)
  3. Hi, I'm a distro hopper that define himself like an Archer. I use linux since Mandrake, like an advanced user and an administrator. I love Gentoo, but the USE flags system overwhelming me. Funtoo is great! Yesterday I wanted to try Funtoo, the boot works, X works, networking works; but I can't install gnome-light. gnome-color-manager-3.20.0 generate build error. I tried to attach the build.log but the forum script doesn't work.
  4. Hi there! I'm new to funtoo - to linux too to be honest... :-) I tried an installation according to the section "install" at the website. Everything worked until i came to the headline "chroot into Funtoo"; actualy in this part it's NOT mentioned how to chroot in the new system EXACTLY. I tried several approachses like "chroot /dev/sdc" because there would be my root directory, according to the previous steps.. But it doesn't work a bit. I searched the net but found nothing that helped me. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help angus71
  5. April 23rd 2015 Section Installation du stage3 now has a link to subarches page. French subarches page will follow soon. Contents now identical to original English wiki.
  6. I currently have archlinux in a pure btrfs installation in three subvolumes I want to try funtoo because it seems great. I have the next subvolumes in / __active/arch-root __active/arch-var __active/home __snapshots/ I have created too __active/funtoo-root and __active/funtoo-var so I want to know how i have to install it using the grub in arch-root? Thanks --haliax
  7. Hello everybody! after six years using Linux distributions like fedora and sabayon , finally i decided to move to a really serious distro. I was researching on what kind of meta-distro must be installed on my computer and i really really liked the funtoo way for linux since the first time i meet the welcome page in funtoo.org, ,,, anyway, i was wondering on how to install the Mate environment over my new stage 3 tarball and brand new compiled kernel already installed on my hard drive. First i take a look to http://www.funtoo.org/MATE_Desktop, but when i needed to do the following step: cp /usr/portage/sets/mate /etc/portage/sets suddenly the things went very dark... the '/usr/portage/sets/mate' doesn't exist on my installation, i decided to install Mate following the little guide provided by the gentoo wiki (http://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/MATE), after that, finally i can run the mate desktop by 'startx' , but to be honest, the desktop really sucks balls, it lack a lot of things that usally i need: doesn't mount any kind of media, doesn't have network manager, there are no sound, even i don't know how to set up the time. So, how to correctly install the Mate environment?? or how to complete the installation of the very minimal 'mate-base/mate' desktop. I really appreciate any information or any help . Thanks!
  8. Hey all. First post, but I'm a long time Funtoo supporter. I plan on getting an x86 (Intel Atom-based) tablet soon for Funtoo and I had a few questions: ? Since it's an Intel platform (it ships with Windows 8.1 32bit installed) will Grub install as if it were on a regular PC? ? Would I be able to install to an SD Card thus leaving the onboard eMMC intact with Windows in case I need it? ? What has the best chance of working with the current kernel iterations? That's all I can think of at the moment, but if I can think of something else to ask I'll edit this post/respond to anyone that's responded etc. Thanks, Shiggitay P.S. I'm also in the iRC channel under this same nick if you'd like to PM me. EDIT: BTW, here are the two tablets I have in mind for this project: an 8 inch form factor: http://www.microcenter.com/product/429776/VivoTab_Note_8_Tablet_-_Black and a 10.1" form factor: http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.aspx?sku=410605 EDIT 2: I think I might have a winner: http://www.quantumsuppliers.com/shop/bts-products/quantum-view-10-1-windows-tablet/
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