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    dougbmorris reacted to bcowan in lvm trips up grub   
    This post still confuses me.  /boot not being mounted has nothing to do with grub. Grub uses its own abstraction layer to read grub.cfg which points it to a initrd/kernel.  This "abstraction layer" never "mounts" anything, grub has no knowledge of mounts.  So only your grub.cfg could be wrong, or not written because you didn't manually mount /boot, but pretty sure boot-update automounts /boot so grub-mkconfig can write grub.cfg unless specified to not automount.
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    dougbmorris reacted to bcowan in Can't Compile vanilla-sources Kernel   
    On a side note : there is a Funtoo system resurrection guide @ https://www.funtoo.org/System_resurrection that details the steps @palica just correctly described, but it needs some "modernization/lovin"  to reflect the /usr/portage move to /var/cache and /var/git plus some other minor technical details.
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