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  1. Just throwing an idea out there. What is fun? When do penguins look like they are having fun. Well, diving looks a lot more fun than waddling around the ice, doesn't it? You know what I think is fun? Snorkling. Snorkling is great fun. You know what would be kinda funny? A snorkling penguin. Because penguins don't need snorkels. But they like diving. It's funny. So I present my idea for a funtoo logo: Farold the Funtoo Fluid-Fowl. I used the official Linux penguin and attached a pair of snorkling goggles on him. The goggles were created by writing "too" in the Bauhaus 93 font. Similar results can be achieved by writing "too" using other fonts and aligning the characters properly. I chose the Bauhaus 93 font because the t looks more like a snorkel in that font. One could also adapt the penguin to be of a gentoo variety, which should include a white headband like an upside-down U and also I think the beak should be red rather than yellow.
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