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  1. Hi! better-initramfs can't find my encrypted partition on /dev/sda2 with the error: "Device /dev/sda2 doesn't exist or access denied". In the Rescue Shell, when I ls /dev/ there's no /dev/sda at all. I'm fairly certain this is because SATA/ACHI isn't built into my kernel, at least that's what the better-initramfs homepage says. But I'm a bit confused because initramfs and the kernel image are on /dev/sda1 and the bootloader is finding those fine. My second issue is that this install is on an old Chromebook (HP butterfly) that only has 16gb of space. When I try to compile the kernel with SATA/ACHI support built-in I run out of space. Is there a way to compile the kernel on an external drive? Thanks very much
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