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  1. This happens when i update World: bwg-inc aposteeltje # emerge -auDN @world * IMPORTANT: 3 news items need reading for repository 'gentoo'. * Use eselect news read to view new items. These are the packages that would be merged, in order: Calculating dependencies... done! [ebuild U ] virtual/perl-Storable-2.560.0-r1 [2.560.0] [ebuild U ] x11-themes/mate-icon-theme-1.14.0 [1.12.0] [ebuild U ] media-libs/libmatemixer-1.14.0 [1.12.1-r1] [ebuild U ] mate-base/mate-desktop-1.14.1 [1.12.1-r2] [ebuild U ] mate-base/libmatekbd-1.14.1 [1.12.1-r2] [ebuild U ] mate-extra/mate-polkit-1.14.0 [1.12.0-r2] [ebuild U ] mate-base/mate-menus-1.14.0 [1.12.0-r1] [ebuild U ] dev-libs/libmateweather-1.14.3 [1.12.2] [ebuild U ] mate-base/caja-1.14.2 [1.12.7-r2] [ebuild U ] mate-base/mate-panel-1.14.2 [1.12.2-r3] [ebuild U ] x11-wm/marco-1.14.2 [1.12.1] [ebuild U ] x11-misc/mate-notification-daemon-1.14.1 [1.12.1] Would you like to merge these packages? [Yes/No]
  2. Thank you for your answer. This is all; my world file: bwg-inc aposteeltje # cat /var/lib/portage/world app-admin/sudo app-portage/eix app-portage/layman dev-util/cmake dev-util/quilt mate-base/mate-control-center mate-extra/mate-power-manager media-fonts/infinality-ultimate-meta media-fonts/ubuntu-font-family media-libs/fontconfig-ultimate media-video/smplayer net-libs/glib-networking net-libs/libproxy net-libs/libsoup net-misc/networkmanager sys-boot/boot-update sys-kernel/debian-sources sys-kernel/linux-firmware www-client/firefox-bin x11-apps/xinit x11-base/xorg-x11 x11-misc/lightdm x11-misc/lightdm-gtk-greeter x11-themes/mate-backgrounds bwg-inc aposteeltje # Mate isn't included in the @world file, but i DID merged it with emerge -a mate, so shouldn't it be recordered in the world file? Indeed i'm running Mate-1.12 Running the command again, pulls version 1.14 : These are the packages that would be merged, in order: Calculating dependencies... done! [ebuild U ] x11-themes/mate-icon-theme-1.14.0 [1.12.0] [ebuild U ] mate-base/mate-desktop-1.14.1 [1.12.1-r2] [ebuild NS ] x11-libs/libwnck-3.20.1 [2.31.0] USE="introspection -startup-notification -tools" [ebuild NS ] dev-cpp/gtkmm-3.20.1 [2.24.5] USE="X (-aqua) -doc -examples {-test} -wayland" ABI_X86="(64) -32 (-x32)" [ebuild U ] mate-base/mate-menus-1.14.0 [1.12.0-r1] [ebuild U ] media-gfx/eom-1.14.2 [1.12.2-r3] [ebuild U ] mate-extra/mate-utils-1.14.1 [1.12.0-r2] [ebuild N ] gnome-extra/gnome-calculator-3.20.2 [ebuild N ] mate-extra/mate-system-monitor-1.14.0 USE="(-systemd)" [ebuild U ] mate-base/caja-1.14.2 [1.12.7-r2] [ebuild U ] mate-base/mate-panel-1.14.2 [1.12.2-r3] [ebuild U ] x11-misc/mozo-1.14.1 [1.12.0-r1] [ebuild U ] x11-terms/mate-terminal-1.14.1 [1.12.1] [ebuild U ] app-editors/pluma-1.14.1 [1.12.2-r1] [ebuild N ] mate-extra/mate-netbook-1.14.0 USE="-gtk3" [ebuild N ] app-text/atril-1.14.2 USE="caja dbus djvu introspection postscript tiff -debug -dvi -epub -gnome-keyring -gtk3 -t1lib -xps" [ebuild U ] mate-extra/mate-media-1.14.1 [1.12.1] [ebuild N ] app-arch/engrampa-1.14.1 USE="caja -gtk3 -magic (-packagekit)" [ebuild U ] x11-misc/mate-notification-daemon-1.14.1 [1.12.1] [ebuild U ] mate-extra/caja-extensions-1.14.1 [1.12.0-r1] [ebuild U ] mate-base/mate-session-manager-1.14.1 [1.12.2-r1] [ebuild U ] x11-wm/marco-1.14.2 [1.12.1] [ebuild U ] mate-extra/mate-screensaver-1.14.1 [1.12.0-r1] [ebuild U ] mate-base/mate-applets-1.14.1-r1 [1.12.1-r4] [ebuild U ] mate-base/mate-applets-meta-1.14 [1.12] [ebuild N ] mate-base/mate-1.14 USE="base extras notification themes (-bluetooth) -gtk3 -help" [blocks B ] net-analyzer/mate-netspeed ("net-analyzer/mate-netspeed" is hard blocking mate-base/mate-applets-1.14.1-r1) Or should i just perform: emerge -auDN @world --keep-going And will it then be recordered in the world file?
  3. Hello there. I'm a bit confused. I have a fresh funtoo installation with Mate-desktop. After emerge -auDN @world Portage recomments to do a --depclean., but when i do, it wants to remove a lot of mate-packages, and some other packages, that seem to me vital. For now, i just cancel the act, because i'm affraid that the system won't boot anymore. Can anyone tell me if it's safe to answer "yes" to the action? A full list of packages, that Portage pulls for deletion, can be found here: http://pastebin.com/kadNWRB8 Thanks in advance.
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