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  1. OK, even a generic x86_64 binhost server sounds like good way to test things out. i will keep checking here for updates. thanks again! peace, w
  2. ahoy Otakku, thanks for the quick reply and apologies for my late one. for some reason i never received an email notification about your reply. i am a musician who got started on Gentoo for various reasons, so i am no Portage expert ;) however, i appreciate the flexibility and freedom offered by Gentoo+Portage and can handle day to day things. as i mentioned i am just trying to make maintenance and compiling less of a time commitment. i was thinking that binary packages would help in that regard greatly. in fact, i had tested Sabayon which seemed like a perfect fit. unfortuna
  3. ahoy all, long time Gentoo user getting a little tired of long and loud compile times on my used hardware, was looking for other options and stumbled upon Funtoo. i am very interested in the philosophy and lots of the features. nice work! however, just wondering if there is a public source for binary builds of packages beyond the common XXXX-bin packages (e.g. firefox-bin, libreoffice-bin, etc), i.e. a public BINHOST server in Gentoo parlance? there are not really any options for Gentoo so i realize this is a long shot. i am also aware that getting binary packages with all the
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