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  1. OK, even a generic x86_64 binhost server sounds like good way to test things out. i will keep checking here for updates. thanks again! peace, w
  2. ahoy Otakku, thanks for the quick reply and apologies for my late one. for some reason i never received an email notification about your reply. i am a musician who got started on Gentoo for various reasons, so i am no Portage expert ;) however, i appreciate the flexibility and freedom offered by Gentoo+Portage and can handle day to day things. as i mentioned i am just trying to make maintenance and compiling less of a time commitment. i was thinking that binary packages would help in that regard greatly. in fact, i had tested Sabayon which seemed like a perfect fit. unfortunately it seems geared towards newer hardware, and i am not convinced by systemd, so still looking for something Xtoo-based but using binary packages. actually i am a bit surprised that there are not more Xtoo/Portage based distros using binary packages. it seems like a perfect next step for a Xtoo-based derivative that is trying to be less difficult to maintain, possibly more environmentally* friendly with less compiling. so far Sabayon seems to be the only one. if i understand your proposal correctly, in trying to create a new stage 4 and LiveCD for Funtoo you would also be setting up a binhost server? i am not sure how a binhost server works, but i assume that all/some packages are compiled with different -march settings as they are released. thus my machine would try to pull matching (arch and USE flags) binary packages on emerge, then compile what was not available. am i getting this at all? ;) my current arch is not new: Linux Barbone 4.4.2-rt-gnu-rt7 #1 SMP PREEMPT RT x86_64 Intel® Core2 Duo CPU P8700 @ 2.53GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux so not sure if that could also be supported by your binhost? if so, and if i can get going my normal music software going with a new Funtoo install, i could use it, give feedback, etc. unfortunately that is all i can help with right now. please let me know if i am following you and if your binhost server could support that arch, and we can go from there. peace, w * as environmentally friendly as computers can be ;)
  3. ahoy all, long time Gentoo user getting a little tired of long and loud compile times on my used hardware, was looking for other options and stumbled upon Funtoo. i am very interested in the philosophy and lots of the features. nice work! however, just wondering if there is a public source for binary builds of packages beyond the common XXXX-bin packages (e.g. firefox-bin, libreoffice-bin, etc), i.e. a public BINHOST server in Gentoo parlance? there are not really any options for Gentoo so i realize this is a long shot. i am also aware that getting binary packages with all the matching arch, compile options and USE flags will be difficult, but it seems like modern portage features such as this would help with that. or at least having binary packages with sane USE flags built for common architectures would be a huge help, as i want to stick with Xtoo+OpenRC but compiling on old hardware (which i exclusively use) is becoming a problem. thanks! peace, w
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