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  1. Followed install instructions to the letter. Rebooted for the first time. Got the error described above. No new hardware. Not using GPT have bios. Tried troubshooting guide but does not find disk 3 times out of 4. Mounted installation accessing it from inside using boot existing linux install from sys rescue menu. Everything accessible there. need to try to fix from inside I think.
  2. Dont understand instructions from installation page "# tar xpf stage3-latest.tar.xz Important It is very important to use tar's "p" option when extracting the Stage 3 tarball - it tells tar topreserve any permissions and ownership that exist within the archive. Without this option, your Funtoo Linux filesystem permissions will be incorrect." As you can see use of the tar -p option is not shown in the code line. So where in the code line should the -p go? I'm asking because I think it might be related to the boot issue I'm having. Getting this message during boot: "!! Could
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