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  1. That did indeed do the trick. Thank you Daniel.😊 Have a nice holiday and try to not work too hard OK?
  2. Hello, hope everyone is going to have a good holiday. Is there anyone around who might be willing to offer a little help? Trying to update from 1.3 to 1.4. but getting lots of slot conflicts on the emerge world. Now I know this is probably not the way this is supposed to be done, but trying to emerge -u mesa will error out when trying to emerge libglvnd from github. Basically the error is: Fetching https://github.com/NVIDIA/libglvnd.git ... git fetch https://github.com/NVIDIA/libglvnd.git +HEAD:refs/git-r3/HEAD fatal: unable to access 'https://github.com/NVIDIA/libglvnd.git/': Couldn't resolve host 'github.com' * ERROR: media-libs/libglvnd- failed (unpack phase): * Unable to fetch from any of EGIT_REPO_URI See the build.log and libglvnd.info file, but I suspect that someone here knows precisely what's causing this outside of me trying to be smarter than: emerge -auDN @world --jobs=3 --exclude dev-lang/perl which results in a tons of slot conflict errors. So I am attempting to deal with this sequentially one pkg at a time manually. I really really should probably address the slot conflict errors on the emerge @world instead of diving down this wabbit hole, but I'm not so sure that if I did get the emerge @world to start emerging that I wouldn't get the libglvnd error anyway. Funtoo has always so stable that I just don't really mess with it other than to update occasionally and have been using it professionally for quite a number of years. So I've not found it really necessary to know all the tricks with portage and emerge until now. This is the first time I have ever tried to upgrade a live system to a new version , I've always installed on a live system in a chrooted environment. So instructions on https://www.funtoo.org/Upgrade_Instructions/1.4-release are not working so good for me. Probably nutz to keep on doing this, I should just abort and install 1.4 to a chrooted environment instead of going through all this pain, but now I'm kind of committed to this path and I'd really like to know what's up with that git fetch error on the libglvnd package. Anyone? Thanks in advance, Nikki libglvnd.info build.log
  3. DOH! I'm an idiot. Interesting I never paid much attention to that behavior until now. And I thought I was Linux savvy. Not that desktop usage necessitates using it that often. I still wonder why I've never given it much attention until now. I wonder if that has always been the default behavior? Yeah, I'm grasping for straws here. This is embarrassing. <nikki> makes mental note to stop skimming over man pages and actually read them. Thanks for the quick and friendly answer.
  4. Fresh install using latest stage3-amd64-piledriver-1.3 . the problem is this: nikki@nikkisys ~ $ groups root root bin daemon sys adm disk wheel floppy tape video root bin daemon sys adm disk wheel floppy tape video |--------------------------------------------------| |--------------------WTF?--------------------------| The same exact behavior can be observed with any valid user on the system. I have not noticed any adverse side effects from this, but the fact it is happening is beyond annoying, it's driving me a little crazy. The /etc/group and /etc/group- files appear to be normal. Running grpck -r and pwck -r does not reveal any abnormalities (and returns 0 back to the shell). What gives? @world and @system is up to date. Apologies if not giving enough info, just not sure what info is needed. Anyone? Thanks in advance.
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