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  1. Hi there,

    I am attempting to emerge virtualbox-guest-additions package.  This consistently fails with the error message:

    *** The variable KERN_DIR must be a kernel build folder and end with /build without a trailing slash, or KERN_VER must be set.  Stop.

    The values reported in relation to this error message are:


    I have come across this error being reported many times reported for other distributions.  In these cases the suggestion has been to install linux-headers and pre-populate KERN_DIR with path to your kernel source before installing.  I have even tried hard coding this in the ebuild, also I have tried masking off ebuilds to use the Gentoo stable version.

    Any help or insight would be gratefully received.

  2. Hi Palica,

    I have researched power management in Linux laptops for most the answer seems to be systemd with all its wonderful features.  I have tried masking OpenRC and predicating everything off systemd but that has left me knots too.

    In Funtoo, I don’t see systemd being an option.  There is sys-power/upower etc. which offer some features.


    I have read this page: https://www.funtoo.org/Power_Management

    What I’m looking for is an insight into lid closed events and as the above link describes low battery events.  Laptops aren’t new and when I first scrapped these sources together and made a mess of it, I thought someone else might be able to share lessons learn or point to a useful blog post.

    As for WiFi, reading on this topic has suggested that it’s not to be taken lightly either.  As that may be the case preparation is key.

    So, I’m not asking about systemd despite how many times I mention systemd.  I imagine there are ways of solving this in Funtoo.  Though another has already suggested Ubuntu to me (that uses systemd to this effect [other binary distros are available offering the same effect]).  Thus as yet my research hasn’t yelded anything really laptop like in Funtoo.  I haven’t tried with Gentoo, there my expectations wouldn’t be so very different.

    So to make this a clear question.  From the point of inflating the tar in the installation process.  How do you build a Funtoo laptop which functions with power management like any other modern laptop?

    Maybe I’m asking the wrong question.  What am I missing?  How should I be thinking about this problem?


  3. I have a laptop workstation which I want to put Funtoo on.  I am back at the planning stage (after not getting very far without planning).

    The SSD is partitioned as I want to enable hibernation.  However, power management (and WiFi network discovery, although I haven’t got that far yet) appear to be the big issues.

    One thing I’d like if possible and circumstances allow, would be to kick off emerge, then close lid and after emerge finishes regular closed lid power management takes over :) as that would be nice.

    Please advise me on best practices?  I am even willing to try systemd (please don’t get hung up on the mention of systemd, it’s just a tool that does a... many jobs).

    Btw, I have deliberately left out my mistakes to avoid confusion.



  4. Last thing, last night, I changed grub.cfg.  My kernel booted all the way to log in.  Before setting this as solved, I will study this change to try to understand where I went wrong and report back here.


    I've known that it was something simple that I was missing for s while now.  Soon I hope to tell you what that was...



  5. Hi everyone.


    Again I am sorry, that it has taken me so long to return to this!


    I have now tested with the rootdelay option and indeed the thumb drive is listed with the appropriate UUIDs for the respective partitions. 

    I have also tested using the /dev/sdXn terms appropriate for my test machine.



    Still I reach Kernel Panic - unknown block device.

  6. Hi,

    I am attempting to install Funtoo Linux on a USB Thumb drive but during the boot, I'm greeted with a Kernel Panic.  The thumb drive itself is not listed among the available devices which may hold file system with a bootable OS.  This is although the running kernel has been selected from a menu provided by grub installed on the drive.

    I have attempted to cover my bases in the kernel choosing as many USB options as seem sensible, please see the attached.


    Please suggest how to proceed, thank you.




    Kind regards





    P.s.  Nudge.


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