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  1. SOLVED! For some reason I don't remember my hosts file had the following line github.com wiki.github.com gist.github.com assets0.github.com assets1.github.com assets2.github.com assets3.github.com Removing the line solved completely the problem
  2. This is what it shows: # curl -v -X HEAD https://github.com/funtoo/meta-repo Warning: Setting custom HTTP method to HEAD with -X/--request may not work the Warning: way you want. Consider using -I/--head instead. * Trying ^T* connect to port 443 failed: Connection timed out * Failed to connect to github.com port 443: Connection timed out * Closing connection 0 curl: (28) Failed to connect to github.com port 443: Connection timed out
  3. Whenever I try to sync I get the following message fatal: unable to access 'https://github.com/funtoo/meta-repo/': Failed to connect to github.com port 443: Connection timed out I also suspect that my system is not getting updated since 2020 or so... Any clue?
  4. libtorrent-rasterbar-2.0 seems to unpack to a faulty directory: /var/tmp/portage/net-libs/libtorrent-rasterbar-2.0/work/arvidn-libtorrent-0f0afec preventing the system to upgrade the library: * ERROR: net-libs/libtorrent-rasterbar-2.0::net-kit failed (prepare phase): * The source directory '/var/tmp/portage/net-libs/libtorrent-rasterbar-2.0/work/libtorrent-rasterbar-2.0' doesn't exist
  5. Anyone knows how to install anobx without switching to systemd? Any other option available to run android apps on linux? Thank you in advance
  6. I'm experiencing an issue with libxmlpp. When I try to emerge @world I get the following messagei emerge: there are no ebuilds to satisfy "dev-cpp/libxmlpp:2.6[-mgorny(-)]". (dependency required by "media-libs/libffado-2.4.1::media-kit" [ebuild]) (dependency required by "media-sound/jack2-1.9.12-r1::media-kit[ieee1394]" [ebuild]) (dependency required by "media-video/pipewire-0.3.0::gnome-kit[jack]" [ebuild]) (dependency required by "x11-wm/mutter-3.36.2::gnome-kit" [ebuild]) (dependency required by "gnome-base/gnome-shell-3.36.2::gnome-kit" [ebuild]) (dependency required by "x11-terms/gnome-terminal-3.36.2::gnome-kit[gnome-shell]" [ebuild]) (dependency required by "gnome-base/gnome-light-3.36.0::gnome-kit" [ebuild]) (dependency required by "@selected" [set]) (dependency required by "@world" [argument]) Anyone had the same issue before?
  7. Seems like pango-9999 cannot be fetched from the git repository: did anyone had the same issue out there?
  8. This is surely not a problem of air flow: Windows does not show any sort of problem and whenever I use it I never have such behavior. I also opened the case to check whether the fan could be the issue but eventually I didn't find anything about that. It definitely seems that there's something wrong with kernel and ACPI. Fan work but not vigin me any acceptable result: I'm trying to compile libreoffice and have to quit the compilation every 30 minutes to avoid the temperature rise over 80?C. Plus cpufreq seems to work properly...
  9. MAKEOPTS="-j5" I've been working quite extensively on the subject lately. First of all here's the output of sensors # sensors acpitz-virtual-0 Adapter: Virtual device temp1: +79.0?C (crit = +100.0?C) k10temp-pci-00c3 Adapter: PCI adapter temp1: +79.0?C (high = +70.0?C) (crit = +100.0?C, hyst = +99.0?C) radeon-pci-0008 Adapter: PCI adapter temp1: +74.0?C (crit = +120.0?C, hyst = +90.0?C) radeon-pci-0100 Adapter: PCI adapter temp1: N/A (crit = +120.0?C, hyst = +90.0?C) while acpitool returns the following: # acpitool -e Kernel version : 4.6.2-gentoo-ge - ACPI version : 20160108 ----------------------------------------------------------- Battery #1 : present Remaining capacity : unknown, 100.0% Design capacity : 2500 mA Last full capacity : 1889 mA, 75.56% of design capacity Capacity loss : 24.44% Present rate : 0 mA Charging state : Full Battery type : Li-ion Model number : AL12A32 Serial number : 5271 AC adapter : online Fan : <not available> CPU type : AMD A8-4555M APU with Radeon HD Graphics CPU speed : 0x6001116 MHz Cache size : 1597.096 KB Bogomips : 3194.19 Bogomips : 3193.34 Bogomips : 3193.36 Bogomips : 3193.41 Function Show_CPU_Info : could not read directory /proc/acpi/processor/ Make sure your kernel has ACPI processor support enabled. Thermal info : <not available> Device S-state Status Sysfs node --------------------------------------- 1. PB4 S5 *disabled pci:0000:00:04.0 2. PB5 S5 *disabled pci:0000:00:05.0 3. PB6 S5 *disabled 4. PB7 S5 *disabled 5. SPB0 S4 *disabled 6. SPB1 S4 *disabled 7. SPB2 S4 *disabled 8. SPB3 S4 *disabled 9. GEC S4 *disabled 10. OHC1 S3 *enabled pci:0000:00:12.0 11. OHC2 S3 *enabled pci:0000:00:13.0 12. OHC3 S3 *disabled 13. OHC4 S3 *disabled 14. XHC0 S3 *enabled pci:0000:00:10.0 15. XHC1 S4 *disabled 16. P2P S5 *disabled pci:0000:00:14.4 so if I have understood correctly fan, processor and thermal modules (actually they are built in) have some serious problems. Is there any chance that BIOS interfere with ACPI? Any other thought?
  10. Any idea about the thermal error? Could anyone reply to this subject?
  11. https://bpaste.net/show/15c5efd794ba https://bpaste.net/show/dbef3n6e820e
  12. Hi, I'm trying to emerge packages for my funtoo installation but after a while the system crash due to bad thermal conditions. I suspect it has to do with kernel configuration. I've got an AMD A8 mobile and chose the piledriver stage3. Could someone help me with this?
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