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  1. Yeah I understand. But I kind of think you missed my point. For example "current" gcc is 7.2 but yet Funtoo is still on 5.4.0. Why? Eh thats not for e to really ask or answer. My point was (and I hope this is more clear) is maybe there is an unpublished core set that devs can get in to help track down bugs.
  2. I just moved to current. So my question is how does we test versions before they are moved into the current or build profiles? I understand its possible we just wait for other distros to test them but I somehow doubt it...
  3. Hey fellas, So far I am really enjoying Funtoo and what it has to offer. The only downside is its further behind than what I would like. Is there a good way to help test more "unstable" or "bleeding edge" packages for the community? I already have experimental selected in ego for my profile but so far that hasnt seemed to do much. Thanks.
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