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  1. https://pypi.python.org/pypi/jw.emerge_update If you didn't know, there is quite the fancy python script hidden in pip/Pypy for updates. I'm in the midst of writing a python script that can detect what is going and update accordingly. I'll post it when I've completed it. Hopefully soon.
  2. I haven't actually seen any actual use cases of this feature yet. I know this is going to help with the framebuffer in the future without having to use v86d but I'm not sure how to implement this myself or if the kernel can utilise it at this point.
  3. Moved to Funtoo from Arch after many years. Did try Gentoo six months back but it was a dependency nightmare compared to Funtoo. I love how Funtoo just works and seems to be a little more intuitive with packages and current versions. Anyway here is a pic of my desktop. Running bspwm on a 32" Samsung Ultra Wide Screen curved monitor. Top screen shot is a nice empty one and the bottom is a wonderfully fake busy ;)
  4. Unmask 358.16-r1 and you won't have an issue. They maybe beta but its better than using that fix I personally think. Just add =x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-358.16-r1 to your /etc/portage/package.unmask file and emerge it.
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