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  1. Hi ups for me is important. And i prefer give sometimes more money tor this component. I don't know how is working yours models. i always use power Walker with full sinus. For quality is good price. With drivers this another topic. In mostly i have one windows system which sent by ssh shotdown to rest host. Ethernet is extra payed. I don't check yet drivers direct to Linux over usb. One thinks look on decibels when chose better ups becouse inverter is always work and in chipest models noise is terbile
  2. Hi everyone I have problem do chose right way. Us developer team use Laravel ( for comercial solutions ) and sent big messages to syslog and metalog trucate this. And we have 2 options or 3 options Rewrite Laravel to send massages which have correct size compatible with RFC, metalog do somthing like symphony https://symfony.com/blog/new-in-symfony-streamlined-log-files Patch metalog which is more hungry on RAM first patch consume from 1mb to around 600mb 😕 Change all configuration to syslog-ng or rsyslog What is the best practice in this case
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