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  1. Hi,


    I have sucessfully installed funtoo on my chromebook using crouton.  All I had to do was extract the stage3, copy the /etc/crouton/ files from another ubuntu chroot and then manually create a user with uid 1000.  I can enter-chroot into funtoo and emerge and quite happy with this.  In fact to compile faster I then decided to install another funtoo on my fedora laptop to run distcc with the same gcc.  Awesome!


    ok the only difficulty I have in both environments is with starting services with the standard funtoo init scripts.  For example I want to run distcc and sshd (on another port).


    When starting any service I get results like:


    y2 init.d # ./distccd start
     * WARNING: distccd is already starting
    y2 init.d # ./distccd stop
     * ERROR: distccd stopped by something else
    y2 init.d # ./distccd status
    Any suggestions on the best way to deal with this or any other gotchas that I might encounter?
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