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  1. Hi everyone! I am sorry if I have never gave further updates to this forum! So the issue I have tried to describe is a bug on xfce4-power-manager from 1.5.2. Basically in "presentation mode" power manager every now and then send dummy keystroke to keep the system awake. Everything is written in Unix & Linux Exchange. Thank you Andrea
  2. Hi everyone, I have an annoying problem using the terminal and I cannot look for a solution on google because I don't know how to phrase it. That is why I am asking here.. So basically: when I have load of text on terminal (for instance after a dmesg) and I try to scroll up to look for the bit of text I am interested in, after a random amount of time the terminal automatically scrolls down where the cursor is... Also I noticed that when xscreensaver is running, the login gui comes out without any input from keyboard. And do you know in xscreensaver there is an "elapsing time" b
  3. Apparently I solved the issue...I skipped the sgdisk command because I was assuming gParted was cleaning the partition table the way sgdisk does...I am sure I have erased it and create a new one with gparted before start partitioning.. but apparently I was wrong.. that was the only thing I skipped and now everything is working... so.. I will mark as solved. PS: could it be a bug of gparted?
  4. Hi everyone, I am not new to gentoo or linux, but I don't consider myself an expert and I have tried to look around google for one day, but I cannot find anything.. Basically I was using Arch Linux but I didn't like it, so I decided to go back to a Gentoo-like distro.. I have installed Funtoo following the tutorial and everything was apparently fine, but at the moment of rebooting the laptop keeps rebooting... like the bootloader was stuck in a loop.. I can easily boot from usb (I am writing with the gui support of system rescue) but I cannot boot the fresh installed system.. I've
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