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  1. Very nice tutorial @librin.so.1 . Just as a alternative, if you are only interested in Steam, you can try this project https://git.nixaid.com/arno/steam. It is basically a steam inside a docker container. I tried and worked fine, the only thing that didn't work was my sound, it seems it searches for /run/pulse/native for the pulseaudio server but I don't have that path in my machine.
  2. Is it possible to use Metro to generate a stage3 for x86_64 with a older version of glibc (say 2.13 which I have a working ebuild)? If so, how? Thanks
  3. Hello there, I'm planning to create an Funtoo instalation on a embedded system with an armv5 processor, unfortunately I can't find a stage3 for that architecture anywhere. I can only find Gentoo stage3 for armv5, and since Metro needs an previously stage3 (as far as I know) I can't create my own. What is the reason for that? I really want to use Funtoo in my project instead of Gentoo. Thanks in advance!
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