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  1. Sad
    sibok got a reaction from palica in Tool or cmd to query available kit branches and stabilities?   
    I'm not losing my time anymore with you.
    As said, you didn't read or understood the genuine post. Also you just copied and pasted the command I proposed on the first post which obviously doesn't answer any of the questions set out.
    By moving to any kit git repo locally one can git ls-remote (or fetch all branches and check them out) and see what branches exists. But What I would like to know if there's any command to see how many or which branches exists for a given kit repo. Also I would like to query a description/definition for the stability associated to those branches.
    Unfortunately none of these can be achieved by ego, AFAIK. ego kit -v list|status doesn't show all the existing branches for a given kit repository. Neither describes it's stability.
    As example, you should be able to comprehend kde-kit has 3 git branches which are not shown by ego kit, nor a description for its stability:
    ego kit -v list /var/git/meta-repo (updated 5 hours 42 minutes ago):  kit                  is active?      branch          stability  kde-kit              active          5.12-prime      prime  
    So my questions persists. Is there any way to get this kind of information through system utilities or one should dig into with git commands and then decide which branch suits best reading untrusted sources?
    Kind regards,
  2. Haha
    sibok reacted to palica in Tool or cmd to query available kit branches and stabilities?   
    so you looked at github and explored git locally - no sign of ego kit list here. You wonder if there is a way to do it with ego or any funtoo specific command -> ego kit list
    1.3-release will show once you switch to 1.3-release in ego.conf
    release = 1.3
    the stability tag:
    current - tracking gentoo
    prime - somehow seen as good for production
    anything else - alpha, beta, dev => not good for production if you are not a developer
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