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  1. Otakku

    Sddm does not recognize password

    I solve that issue reinstall "pam".
  2. Otakku

    Getting KDE to start

    dbus is enabled and do you use consolekit or elogind ? and show some screens
  3. Otakku

    Yet another Funtoo-er pining for Steam.

    I saw the package on github, I'll test soon possible.
  4. Otakku

    Yet another Funtoo-er pining for Steam.

    that's a good video to make.
  5. Otakku

    Issus updating to 1.3

    Better reinstall from stage3, more safe
  6. Use the Area31 Funtoo livecd -> https://area31.net.br/wiki/LiveCD_oficial is funtoo 1.3 based, we don't need gentoo based livecd anymore.
  7. Otakku

    Opinion* Best way to run Steam?

    Thread about that question: https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-5985
  8. Hi folks O/ few years ago I wonder about a friendly version of Gentoo and Funtoo, the gentoo community don't liked, but I keep did some tests but I didn't continue, well, few week ago I start again, but this time only a Funtoo Friendly version, and now I have something really beginning. the project will resume in few flavors and one version with a overlay with update packages and few extra. the funtoo flavors are X+openbox, gnome and Plasma, they are just the Funtoo Stage3 Generic with few packages and some configuration. and has one version with plasma, but with an overlay with few update packages and other stuffs, a stage more out of the box, I want make something to people learn about gentoo/funtoo or for who use the system without spent hours to build the system. the webiste will be done in the next weeks, and the stages will be available in the next days "sorry, I'm with one pc now, and the net is a turtle". website -> https://bentoo.info/ binhost -> http://binhost.bentoo.info github repos : overlay -> https://github.com/lucascouts/bentoo configurations -> https://github.com/lucascouts/bentoo-portagedir I don't know if the funtoo community will like but anyway I'll forward with this project, but will be great if few users could help with feedback or criticisms. thank you anyway 🙂
  9. Calamares no, the iso is only to test, I'll configure the Calamare next month
  10. Otakku

    Opinion* Best way to run Steam?

    that's really a good solution
  11. Otakku

    Opinion* Best way to run Steam?

    I'm testing flatpak apps, already tested the game SuperTuxKart and work perfect, I"ll download a game on steam and test tomorrow.
  12. Here the second test with the iso, now fix the frozen on boot. in this test I'm compare the compress altenatives "xz" and "zstd", the first iso used "xz", and now I'll use "zstd", the result is more than 50% more faster than use xz, and little more than 10% more in size compared with xz. https://youtu.be/Zqhba4SH3Fk ### roadmap - fix the MBR(Bios) boot - create the grub theme - change the init to mont in overlayfs no more aufs - configure the Calamares(Installer)
  13. Otakku

    Opinion* Best way to run Steam?

    are you using which flatpak ebuild ?
  14. will remove support to 3/4/5g modem
  15. add echo "net-misc/networkmanager -elogind -modemmanager" >> /etc/portage/package.use
  16. " The following REQUIRED_USE flag constraints are unsatisfied: at-most-one-of ( consolekit elogind systemd ) " use consolekit or elogind not both
  17. Otakku

    Update Signal Desktop

    create a request on https://bugs.funtoo.org
  18. A Teaser about the testing on vmware with the live iso, the iso will be released until the end of the month. https://youtu.be/KKtN6rLeJYA
  19. Do you can show the log of Xorg.0.log ?
  20. When you upgrade the kernel you need recompile the zfs modules
  21. Otakku

    Dealing with multilib removal

    I'll try the ebuild, I have a 770m is old but work well yet.
  22. Otakku

    From openssl to libressl + gnutls

    better follow the packages ported to libressl -> https://github.com/gentoo/libressl
  23. Otakku


    x86-64bit could be multi-lib, pure64 no
  24. Otakku


    "x86-64bit-papa" is the parent of x86-64bit* profile. I wonder if was better change to pure64 as parent, I guess that will be better to understand.
  25. Otakku

    nodejs won't install

    Go back to 8.12 is the LTS