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    AdiosKid reacted to drobbins in Up-to-date LXD documentation now on wiki   
    Please check out https://www.funtoo.org/LXD -- I have begun rewriting this page to give everyone a tutorial-style introduction to LXD and to guide you through the process of setting it up. I have tested these steps myself and it should ensure a fairly pain-free setup of LXD. Note that the second half of the page isn't rewritten yet (Starting with the "features" section) but the top half is.
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    AdiosKid reacted to drobbins in 1.4-release efforts starting   
    I have just started getting kit-fixups ready for 1.4-release development. Some key changes that are coming in 1.4-release:
    move away from eselect opengl and to libglvnd. official support of container-based solution for steam, etc. updates to pam and pambase 1.4-release will be tracking "current" gentoo for a while and will freeze sometime this summer, likely in June 2019. If you want to get involved, chat on #funtoo and look at the latest commits to kit-fixups on code.funtoo.org. I'll also be doing some introductory videos on how to get involved with the new release of Funtoo.
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    AdiosKid reacted to drobbins in forums, member map updated   
    Hi All,
    Forums have been updated to the latest version and I have re-enabled a new version of member map. Let me know if you encounter any issues.
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    AdiosKid reacted to drobbins in debian-sources-lts-4.9.161_p1 available for testing   
    @bcowan has made our day better with a new debian-sources-4.9.161_p1 ebuild which is available for testing, but currently package-masked so it doesn't install by default. To get emerge to see it, add the following to /etc/portage/package.keywords:
    =sys-kernel/debian-sources-lts-4.9.161_p1 ** Then do:
    # emerge debian-sources-lts # ego boot update # reboot Please report any bugs or issues to https://bugs.funtoo.org. Thanks ?
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    AdiosKid reacted to drobbins in debian-sources-lts-4.9.161_p1 available for testing   
    Note to all -- this kernel has been unmasked and is ready for general use.
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    AdiosKid reacted to drobbins in New debian-sources-lts kernel with new Intel ethernet support   
    Hey Everyone,
    I've gone ahead and patched debian-sources-lts so that we have support for the latest Intel e1000e Ethernet chipsets. I ported an updated driver from 4.20/5.x into the new 4.9.144_p3-r1 ebuild. My Intel Core i7 8700-based system is now happily using its on-board Ethernet rather than needing a USB-based Ethernet dongle.
    Enjoy the kernel and also be sure to report any hardware compatibility issues that may be impacting you and preventing you from using debian-sources-lts to bugs.funtoo.org. I can always look into porting updated drivers to get this kernel working better for you.
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    AdiosKid reacted to konspiracy in Opinion* Best way to run Steam?   
    I still have had no issues running with flatpak. I use it for anything that's a dependency nightmare, thanks for the feedback though.
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    AdiosKid reacted to drobbins in funtoo 1.3 arm-32bit and arm-64bit builds now available   
    arm-32bit and arm-64bit builds of Funtoo Linux 1.3 are now available. Search for "arm" on this page using the search field right above the table to see them:
    Enjoy. Also note that we could use some help with updating install docs for raspberry pis as well as odroid-xu4, which I hear now should run fine with our debian-sources-lts? If you look at our odroid-xu4 page here, you'll see that at the top we link to an install guide specific to this board. I'd like to have docs like this for all the raspis as well:
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    AdiosKid reacted to coffnix in Systemd: The Cancer That Could Kill Linux As We Know?   
    Systemd is cancer? Yes or sure?
    - coffnix
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    AdiosKid reacted to jwjones in Bentōō (An user-friendly Stage4 of Funtoo Linux.)   
    Cool, thanks! Then I will attempt to do the stage 4 installation, but that might have to wait until the weekend.
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    AdiosKid reacted to konspiracy in Opinion* Best way to run Steam?   
    I just wanted to reach out and say I have installed Steam using flatpak about 2 months ago and I have had zero issues. I know there is away of setting up an overlay and chrooting into a 32bit kernel but that seemed like way to much work. Performance has been fantastic, and even the new proton layer they have been working on seems to chug right along. If you have any questions or if you think maybe there is a a better way of accomplishing this task please let me know.
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    AdiosKid reacted to drobbins in Are there Funtoo AWS images or a cloud build system ?   
    We finally have an answer to this question: official Funtoo AWS images: https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B07KT3VN7Q?qid=1548635103743&sr=0-1&ref_=srh_res_product_title
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    AdiosKid reacted to drobbins in New drobbins YouTube vlog   
    Hi All,
    I've created a new YouTube vlog entry for your enjoyment. This one is about the latest shocking news of being let go from a job. View it here -- I appreciate it if you help me get the word out about my channel, send me some upwardly-pointing thumbs and possibly even subscribe! ? Thanks!
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    AdiosKid reacted to drobbins in Funtoo Linux 1.3 Released   
    Funtoo Linux 1.3 is now officially released. Check out a detailed description of all the changes here:
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    AdiosKid reacted to Oleg Vinichenko in mysql-community-8.0.12 available   
    Hi, everyone!
    mysql-community-8.0.12 added in 1.3-release. This is Oracle's MySQL-8 major release. Please, notice, that this package cannot be installed with mysql (replacing). It also has certain incompatibilities with older  versions of mysql and databases, created.
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    AdiosKid reacted to morphmex in [Solved] Failed to emerge dev-libs/glib-2.58.1 (1.3 release)   
    You are very kind, thank you for the support.
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    AdiosKid got a reaction from lycaeum in Bentōō (An user-friendly Stage4 of Funtoo Linux.)   
    Hi folks O/
    few years ago I wonder about a friendly version of Gentoo and Funtoo, the gentoo community don't liked, but I keep did some tests but I didn't continue, well, few week ago I start again, but this time only a Funtoo Friendly version, and now I have something really beginning.
    the project will resume in few flavors and one version with a overlay with update packages and few extra.
    the funtoo flavors are X+openbox, gnome and Plasma, they are just the Funtoo Stage3 Generic with few packages and some configuration.
    and has one version with plasma, but with an overlay with few update packages and other stuffs, a stage more out of the box, I want make something to people learn about gentoo/funtoo or for who use the system without spent hours to build the system. 

    the webiste will be done in the next weeks, and the stages will be available in the next days "sorry, I'm with one pc now, and the net is a turtle".

    website -> https://bentoo.info/
    binhost -> http://binhost.bentoo.info

    github repos : 
    overlay -> https://github.com/lucascouts/bentoo

    configurations -> https://github.com/lucascouts/bentoo-cfg

    I don't know if the funtoo community will like but anyway I'll forward with this project, but will be great if few users could help with feedback or criticisms.

    thank you anyway ?
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    AdiosKid reacted to drobbins in IMPORTANT: 1.3-release to BETA and removal of multilib   
    Hi All,
    Within 12 hours, I plan to move 1.3-release to BETA status.
    Along with this comes the very important change on 64-bit platforms -- I am removing multilib and making "pure64" compatibility the default. This means that 1.3-release builds with the x86-64bit arch will be 64-bit only.
    This is done for a variety of reasons, most important of which is that the world has had a 64-bit PC instruction set for approximately 15 years. It is time to drop 32-bit support. For those who still need 32-bit support, it will be available via a Funtoo 32-bit chroot setup.
    The story behind multilib is rather complex and interesting, and might be the focus of a future blog post, but for now, you will just have to trust me -- multilib support in Gentoo is a pain in the butt. It takes a lot of effort to work with and slows us down. Our efforts are best spent in other places, and chroot should work for the vast majority of users who truly are running a critical 32-bit application (other options are 32-bit containers, etc.)
    EDIT: Upgrade Instructions Here: https://www.funtoo.org/Upgrade_Instructions/1.3-release
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    AdiosKid reacted to drobbins in Official Funtoo AWS Images   
    Hi Everyone,
    I'm very happy to announce that we are now offering official Funtoo AWS images in the AWS Marketplace:
    Please test them out. They are optimized for specific instance types to offer the best performance possible in AWS. Please leave us a positive review (or file a bug ? ) and take advantage of these free images to Funtoo-ize AWS and advance the benefits of building software from source, optimized for the underlying CPU architecture -- Funtoo style!
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    AdiosKid reacted to kk2 in Bentōō (An user-friendly Stage4 of Funtoo Linux.)   
    Amazing project my friend, If you need any kinda help let me know and yes i speak brazilian portuguese ?
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    AdiosKid reacted to drobbins in Wiki Improvements   
    Hello Everyone --
    I want to highlight some improvements that have been made to the wiki besides our new FAQ (https://www.funtoo.org/FAQ)
    We now have a new Subarches page that is a lot easier to navigate: https://www.funtoo.org/Subarches
    And the look of various things like notes, tips, warnings, etc. have been improved for a cleaner, more consistent look. This is a good sample page to browse the new look. Note that you may need to "hard reload" the page to get the new CSS: https://www.funtoo.org/Upgrade_Instructions
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    AdiosKid reacted to drobbins in We have a new FAQ!   
    Hey Everyone,
    We have a new FAQ developed that allows you to more easily browse answers. See:
    You can also submit your own FAQ questions which I will answer! ? Hope you enjoy it.
  23. Trolling
    AdiosKid got a reaction from shelom in Why Funtoo is not migrating on GitLab ?   
    And why Microsoft will create or add some backdoor ?
    is just business, grow up. 
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    AdiosKid reacted to drobbins in Funtoo Linux 1.3 Alpha Builds Starting   
    Hey Everyone,
    We are starting to build Funtoo Linux 1.3 ALPHA builds. We will let you know when these are uploaded and ready for testing.
    UPDATE: Ryzen 1.3 Alpha builds now available for download and testing: https://build.funtoo.org/1.3-release-std/x86-64bit/amd64-zen/
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    AdiosKid reacted to drobbins in Bentōō (An user-friendly Stage4 of Funtoo Linux.)   
    Also note that I will be helping with this new distribution because I think it is very much needed and wanted by the user community. 
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