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  1. check with "equery d x11-drivers/xf86-input-synaptics"
  2. are you using the profile 1.2 global ?
  3. I'll already created a topic about it :
  4. error when update the profile to version 1.2 and use "ego sync" the first line is uncommented "/var/git/meta-repo/kits/core-kit/profiles/base/make.defaults"
  5. I'll try with "-static-libs", but I'm using the version 0.8*, I'd compiled inside a chroot with gcc 5.4, seems compile until the version 6.* of gcc.
  6. Hi, the version 0.9* doesn't work anymore, I've tried compile the version 0.8* but give me an error https://imgur.com/a/HJfRgYK the version 0.9* don't show the theme on boot using initramfs, just a grey screen with the prompt.
  7. clean the database folder on /var/lib/mysql and try again.
  8. I'm using nvidia, gcc7 and 1.2 kits and work normal.
  9. with is your kernel version ? I face that on the version 4.16.x
  10. do you start the service before config ?
  11. I have face that too, I already trid add the sddm to video group and doesn't work
  12. Hi, I'm already using the gcc version 7.3, I wonder if I need reinstall the gcc if change the kits to version 1.2 ? or just keep the tutorial skip that step.
  13. when I tried the repo man doesn't work with metal-repo https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Repoman
  14. no, you need configure the /etc/boot.conf add both boot entry point to each kernel and initramfs(if use) and use "boot-update" to generate
  15. But why you don't use Pulseaudio ?
  16. I just made some experiments, in january with time I'll do more themes. and can use any theme, I like Animes so I used, but could use other thing, the issue is the size of the initramfs in the end, 5s of anime generate ~20mb ~50mb
  17. maybe you need add the new use to group "video"
  18. So, is not necessary rebuild all because the PIE on GCC 6.4.0, is disabled on Funtoo.
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