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  1. And why Microsoft will create or add some backdoor ? is just business, grow up.
  2. yes, for now, just follow the funtoo installation steps.
  3. Mask the packages echo ">dev-libs/tinyxml2-3.0.0" >> /etc/portage/portage.mask
  4. Of course, I build the site on fryday so I don't had time to install the translation and do, but I'll add this week, Damian will help me with the Spanish.
  5. All help and feedback is welcome, thank you again. Funtoo is the best O/
  6. Yes, indead my friend that make the logo, did a version with funtoo name in Japanese, as a tribute. bentoo-linux-alt.svg bentoo_logo-funtoo.svg
  7. Hi folks O/ few years ago I wonder about a friendly version of Gentoo and Funtoo, the gentoo community don't liked, but I keep did some tests but I didn't continue, well, few week ago I start again, but this time only a Funtoo Friendly version, and now I have something really beginning. the project will resume in few flavors and one version with a overlay with update packages and few extra. the funtoo flavors are X+openbox, gnome and Plasma, they are just the Funtoo Stage3 Generic with few packages and some configuration. and has one version with plasma, but with an overlay with few update packages and other stuffs, a stage more out of the box, I want make something to people learn about gentoo/funtoo or for who use the system without spent hours to build the system. the webiste will be done in the next weeks, and the stages will be available in the next days "sorry, I'm with one pc now, and the net is a turtle". website -> https://bentoo.info/ binhost -> http://binhost.bentoo.info github repos : overlay -> https://github.com/lucascouts/bentoo configurations -> https://github.com/lucascouts/bentoo-cfg I don't know if the funtoo community will like but anyway I'll forward with this project, but will be great if few users could help with feedback or criticisms. thank you anyway ?
  8. I see here. try that : echo "app-office/calligra -crypt" >> /etc/portage/package.use emerge -av app-office/calligra
  9. add "app-crypt/qca qt5" on package.use
  10. you can use the version 1.20 of xorg-server, but mask the xorg-1.20. [global] release = 1.2 [kits] xorg-kit = 1.20-release
  11. for now, mask the firefox, or you can add the rust-bin, bintuils and others dependencies on personal overlay
  12. I'll try again this week, but I wonder how can I change uses or continue the compilation of show an error ? I really want use, but seems more stable make all process in a chroot.
  13. add as a USE on package.use will work
  14. That's worked, but the initramfs with the splash 0.9* take 6~7 seconds to load, the version 0.8 was compiled with gcc 5.4 and take 3 seconds to load, I'll try later compile the version 0.9* with the gcc 5.4 or 6.4, maybe fiz the time to load on boot.
  15. check with "equery d x11-drivers/xf86-input-synaptics"
  16. are you using the profile 1.2 global ?
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