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  1. 5 hours ago, mhe said:

    I installed the latest Bentoo iso (v0.10) . All went quite well, installer needs some polish, like the slides shown but the result worked.

    My touchpad did not work during in the live environment but did after install. I wanted to install debian-sources by doing USE="binary" emerge debian-sources but it complained about several packages blocking it and it referenced to kde stuff.

    Also the lightdm started and was set to boot a kde-session. So I added gdm, switched to it and selected gnome. Smooth. There is a hplip system tray missing error after 30sec or so but overall I got a funtoo up and running in almost no time, thanks!

    How should I upgrade my kernel on bentoo? 5.2.17 is installed now and already has some vulnerabilities.

    Please, join on telegram group is more faster to help you.



  2. Hi folks.

    now we have a livecd iso and an installer with calamares, both need some improvement but already work, I would like fix and improve better, but I need some help with the feedback.


    so, who could test, even in a vm, please give the feedback, about something to add, remove or change.


    here the site => http://bentoo.info

    ISO => https://sourceforge.net/projects/bentoo/

    binaries and ISO => https://binhost.bentoo.info/


    and the Telegram group => https://t.me/joinchat/DG0l5Rez0MRt4p2GHnNohQ

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