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  1. I may need to stick with what I have for now, though I intend on adding to, and even replacing Win7 on a machine here in a few months. It wont need to be a *large* install, so I would certainly want a traditional Posix type Linux on it, and compilier based would not be problematic. Funtoo would seem the best option at that time from what I understand of it. Two (hopefully) quick questions: I assume that should the need arise, there is basic compatibility with Gentoo. (Outside of the DE morass that is making me consider WMs). That on many *simple* programs - I can simply extract the D
  2. I am considering moving a rather large install of Debian Jessie without systemd (actually its systemd-shim) to funtoo (or possibly gentoo if this is not feasible). My apologies for not knowing very much about this distro, as I would like to know if this is feasble before inveesting more time and research. In short I want to basically keep my Debian programs/utilities system intact, while migrating its base system to the new system. I dont care about the DE's, for example - but I would certainly like to maintain my Wine and Eclipse installs, for example. Its not feasible for me to start
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