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  1. Hi Skunk, Thank you. Works without --pidfile
  2. Searching some articles and wikis on web, i made my own optimized kernel 1. I use the "Debian HCL" site to check some hardwares tips (link) 2. My Config File (4.3.0 gentoo-sources) : * Totally disabled IPV6 Stack; * Using NFTables; * Disabled VMWGFX (DRI VMWare Driver - Not Working with me and hangs the start of eUDEV - "processsing udev" ....); * Enabled UVESAFB TODO: - Make the WMWGFX Works optimized (Yes, I use the XFCE to run some special apps) My Kernel Config: http://pastebin.com/Sn2eFARg PS: I cannot attach, says invalid type.
  3. HI @skunk, Thanks for you answer. I tried you script and write a new one. But when I check status, i get "crashed". How do I debug the init start?
  4. Hi Friends, Sorry for this n00b question. I already read the OpenRC documentation but I'm not able to make works well. In fact develop and scripting isn't my passion. I have this script to CentOS systems: [Unit] Description=Blacklist monitor [Service] Type=simple User=root Group=root ExecStart=/usr/bin/php /var/www/localhost/htdocs/blacklistmonitor/service/blacklistmonitor.php >>/var/log/blacklistmonitor.log 2>&1 # Give a reasonable amount of time for the server to start up/shut down TimeoutSec=300 # how to setup for centos # cp /var/www/html/blacklistmonitor/setup/blacklistmonitor-centos-systemd.conf /etc/systemd/system/blacklistmonitor.service # systemctl restart blacklistmonitor.service # systemctl stop blacklistmonitor.service # systemctl start blacklistmonitor.service Can anyone help me to make an OpenRC script? Regards
  5. HI mates, I was an addicted Gentoo user in (G)old DRobbins days, but I followed differente way in carreer that keep me away from linux community, so sorry for maybe stupid and n00b questions here. :) I'm looking for the good practices for my Funtoo Server as guest in a VMWARE ESX Environment, since the Gentoo Wikis and Blogs Articles are outated or related to VMWARE Workstation/Player I'm using the mix-ins: vmware-guest and everything is running well such X, XFCE , inputs, etc. But I missing the vmware tools. I have install the vmware-tools package, but not install from ISO, since the install request some rc.d locations and I fear that broke something. Anyone have some tricks or help with put the funtoo guest to report to hypervervisor correctly? Some best practices for custom kernel, etc? I follow some old wikis and blogs, but I'm not sure if I'm optimized. Sorry by badly english, and long life to Funtoo. Regards
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