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  1. Yes, there are some binary portage pakages and package servers. Some popular and resource-intensive ebuilds will have a binnary ebuild in the funtoo/gentoo repos as well. For instance firefox and icedtea ebuilds are accompanied with firefox-bin and icedtea-bin ebuilds. My laptop's portage is actualy configured to ask's my desktop to emerge packages from source and build binary packages using the laptops use and cflags. The laptop then uses the dektop as a binary packager server. (My initial install was done by using portage to cross-compile and copying the boootable img to a usb for testin
  2. If you are running it in a chroot, or can ssh into it, then Could you post the output of emerge --info ; profile-config show And also the output of emerge -NavDu --backtrack=50 -p @world The '--backtrack=50' sometimes is all thats needed to fix the issue. But it's likely we will need to be a bit more involved. If your stuck without network connectivity on the machine, or the above options are problematic for some other reason, Run emerge --info >/tmp/PortageInfo ; profile-config show >>/tmp/PortageInfo; emerge -NavDu --backtrack=50 -p @world > /tmp/EmergeInfo And th
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