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  1. The only profile I set was to "core". After I got passed this (with the commands I gave above) I changed it to "desktop". My make.config was minimal, basically USE="X acpi" and VIDEO_CARDS="vesa radeon". I'm afraid I spent the whole day working on this, so I suspect I am too far beyond where I was to dump any useful info at this point. A bit O.T. but maybe it will be useful... It is really nice to get highly optimized programs for my machine. Everything runs quite snappy. I don't mind all the time it takes to compile from source to reap that benefit.[1] Unfortunately beyond that upside the
  2. I managed to make some progress, USE="-nls -acl -minizip -berkdb -gdbm -python" emerge -auDN @world I also had to remove all the libffi files in /usr/lib.
  3. So I decided to give Funtoo a try. I managed to get through the install process with little trouble. The biggest issues I ran into were 1) It was not at all clear what to put in make.conf; and 2) There was no mention of how to use LVM. On both those issues I just winged it, and managed okay. I was able to boot to a login prompt (Yeah!). But now I am stuck, b/c every attempt to emerge anything just leads to a slew of circular dependencies. I managed to force emege gcc, but beyond that I now seem to be thuroughly stuck. Please help.
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