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  1. It must be https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-2770 . You can try to add "media-libs/mesa -llvm" to your package.use and see what happens.
  2. This way it is pretty much narrows down to 3 possible sources of problem: 1) The kernel. If you are using a custom kernel you can try something standard like booting from a live CD and trying the same thing. There are some idiotic distros like Arch for axample with no ifconfig included on a live CD for an unknown reason. If that apears to be the case you can use "ip" command instead with a slightly different syntax. 2) Your hardware (an NIC). Most likely this is not the case but you can try to connect an other machine to the same port to make sure. 3) Your network infrastructure. In most cases there is nothing can be done about it but you can try to replace your network swicth or hub with something simple and dumb if it is possible in your situation. You can also try to connect the machine you are trying to ping somewhere close to the pinging system. You can use an ethernet crosscable to be 100% sure but something like an old spare 5-port hub should do just fine. P.S. I hope you are not typing the commands to the machine through a remote terminal like ssh or telnet. The whole discussion would apear pointless otherwise.
  3. Did you try to use just bare ifconfig without any scripts to set your network up temporary? Did you try to ping a local IP address? Was it an IP addres from an other subnetwork? Was it a global address? Did you use a DNS name? With the amount of information given it is hard to tell what is wrong with your system for a telepathy is currently not available for me.
  4. With 2 gigabytes I would definitely recommend to have a swap partition. You may not need it with 4Gb on a 32-bit system with no PAE support but even then it can be used for hibernation so a 4Gb swap is recommended in that case. There are differnt recomendations for the thing, but my approach is simple. If you need to hibernate or you have less than 4Gb of RAM - twice the amount of memory is recommended for a swap to be on a safe side unless you have a special case like having less than 256 megabytes of RAM when you need more swap or using an SSD-drive when you would want to avoid using a disk swap whenever possible. Otherwise you can generally go on with no swap at all unless you are about to run something really heavy like a big webserver or something.
  5. Hello. I am using Funtoo on my laptop for about a couple of weeks now and I start thinking about installing it on a computer I use as a spare one at work. The issue is that the place I want to use it at has no Internet or any other network connection at all. So I would like to ask a couple of questions: 1) Is it possible to maintain a Funtoo distribusion with just a flash drive? 2) Is not it going to be too much pain in the butt to do? 3) Is it absolutely required to have a Portage system installed on a network connected machine from which the update files are going to come. 4) It would be nice to be able to install Funtoo at the machine without the need to transport it. Is it possible to install a system using previously downloaded files only? If it is possible to do then it would be nice to have at least a brief explanation. Did anyone even tried anything like this?
  6. It is up to you to decide. I personally prefer ALSA with some additions like JACK, but that is only because I think that OSS is too old and PulseAudio is too buggy. There are different opinions though. Most programs will do just fine with bare ALSA and in Funtoo/Gentoo you are free to recompile the whole audio system the way you want. And as far as I know it is pretty much the way USE flags are being set by default by the Funtoo profiles system when you set it to be a desktop with all the multimedia bells and whistles. Also when you have just installed the system and no configuration is done yet, no audio support is present at this stage at all. So it is hard to tell what is the default and what is custom because pretty much every Funtoo/Gentoo installation is inherently custom.
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