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  1. Besides assuming that lxqt-meta would pull in xorg, I don't see what other mistake I made. The wiki certainly doesn't say that if you set your profile late you will be fubar. And no, portage doesn't tell you how how you need to fix make.conf. Been on here hours, and I haven't seen an explanation of profiles. quoting the wiki: Ok I'm an ignorant neophyte. I just typed "emerge xorg" instead of googling your wiki to find the setup instructions for a package that I didn't know I needed to configure, which portage installed without xorg's drivers.
  2. What's your point exactly? The description of mix-ins was so vague, how was I to know that an "emerge -uavDN @world" wouldn't fix it. I didn't even know there was an lxqt funtoo-wiki page until i found it by accident on google. and I don't think that was the cause of the problem anyhow. So my mistake isn't relevant to the lxqt problem.
  3. 1st, let me thank you intensely for the quality of the reply! I'm fairly sure I set the mix-ins after I did the emerge lxqt-meta. I humbly suggest that that page be linked in the 2 different funtoo "get started" install instructions. As well as the lxqt page. as for using lightdm, that would require the "gnome" use flag IIRC, is that a problem on my desktop? Is that something I should try?
  4. new funtoo installer here. Installed from chroot/tarball. everything was going ok, untill I installed lxqt i got this error: xinit? QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display turns out xorg-x11 wasn't installed. wtf? I installed lxqt but no xorg-x11? is this a normal error? also the /etc/portage/profile directory wasn't there, so I had to create that and the /etc/portage/profile/use.mask file Why do I feel like i'm fumbling in the dark here? then i had more xorg errors turns out x11-base/xorg-drivers wasn't emerged after xorg-x11 is this a normal error? despite people on irc saying the lxqt metapackage had applications, All i had were pcmanfm and a web browser. any comments on that? the one that took the longest to figure out was when I tried installing qterminal http://pastie.org/10258016 "!!! The ebuild selected to satisfy "qterminal" has unmet requirements. - x11-terms/qterminal-0.6.0::gentoo USE="-debug -qt4 -qt5" after straining my brain past its design limits, i figured out taht to install qterminal I had to add a line to /etc/portage/make.conf with: USE="qt5" is this normal error? startx was only working for the root user until i did a echo "exec startlxqt" > .xinitrc xdm still isn't working. Xdm flashes like it's doing something, but then flashes back to the xdm screen. so i have qterminal and stuff now. It's working. so It feels like i'm still fumbling around in the dark. Why was this stuff necessary? This can't be a normal funtoo install can it? I feel that I may have found a bug, or that I really don't understand how to use funtoo. Please shed some light on the questions in bold. TIA.
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