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    iamthepieman reacted to iamthepieman in What Badly Pimped-out Vehicle is the Best Visual Metaphor for Systemd?   

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    iamthepieman got a reaction from Sandro in Post your make.conf   
    I want to copy your settings...
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    iamthepieman reacted to cardinal in new funtoo home page   
    There is a http://www.funtoo.org/Welcome autoplays video bug report.
    Are bug report votes anonymous :unsure:?
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    rc-config list Available init scripts NetworkManager default alsasound bootmisc boot busybox-ntpd busybox-watchdog consolefont consolekit cups-browsed cupsd dbus devfs sysinit device-mapper boot dhcpcd dmcrypt dmesg sysinit dmeventd fsck boot git-daemon gpm hwclock boot ip6tables iptables keymaps boot killprocs shutdown kmod-static-nodes sysinit local default localmount boot lvm boot lvm-monitoring lvmetad mdadm mdraid modules boot mount-ro shutdown mtab boot mysql netif.lo sysinit netif.tmpl netmount numlock pciparm procfs boot pydoc-2.7 pydoc-3.3 root boot rsyncd savecache shutdown sshd default swap boot swapfiles boot swclock sysctl boot sysfs sysinit termencoding boot tmpfiles.dev sysinit tmpfiles.setup boot udev sysinit udev-mount sysinit udev-postmount boot urandom boot wpa_supplicant xdm xdm-setup some tip to tweak that list?
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    iamthepieman reacted to cardinal in new funtoo home page   
    I use firefox-38.0.6 with flashstopper- extension to stop autoplay.
    An html5 or flash video shows the first frame with a play button. 

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    iamthepieman reacted to aryvandaar in why is a package masked?   
    LXQT is considered to be beta software. I think that would explain why it's masked on your stable system. 
    In most cases, packages are masked because of one or more of these reasons:
    - Alpha/beta.
    - Known bugs in packages.
    - Doesn't have builds for all architectures.
    - Proprietary licensing.
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    iamthepieman reacted to Sandro in config file ' ' needs updating...   
    -5 to accept the change;
    /etc/init.d/NetworkManager restart
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