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  1. I have a dependency problem: several packages (gimp[webkit] and gnucash notably) are not very happy with some clean ups in the tree: emerge: there are no ebuilds to satisfy ">=net-libs/webkit-gtk-1.2:2". We have this: * net-libs/webkit-gtk Available versions: (3) 2.4.4(3/25) {+X aqua coverage debug +egl +geoloc gles2 +gstreamer +introspection +jit libsecret +opengl spell test wayland +webgl} Homepage: http://www.webkitgtk.org/ Description: Open source web browser engine Basically, the ebuilds should be updated however before forking, is there a way to make portage consider a dependency without its slot?
  2. Unix filesystems are quite robust against fragmentation but you can always mount your btrfs subvolumes with auto_defrag or periodically run btrfs filesystem defrag (by hand or via cron job). I don't defrag my subvolumes very often, the performance remains acceptable even with those good "slow" mechanical hard drives. If you use SSD I would be surprised if you could notice a huge difference. I/O performance is the consequence of several factors. A (heavily) fragmented filesystem: a sub-optimal I/O scheduler, a slow hard drive and so on and even the process scheduler. Unfortunately there is no magic formula but empiric tries-and-errors.
  3. At first glance you have the right setup (it is not recommended to turn the inode cache on), I would definitely consider the I/O scheduler which is CFQ by default if you want to tweak for some extra performance gain. See /sys/block/sdX/queue/scheduler. Current one is in between brackets, you can change for one of the others listed by just echoing it in the same pseudo-file.
  4. emerge: there are no ebuilds to satisfy ">=virtual/pam-0-r1[abi_x86_32(-)?,abi_x86_64(-)?,abi_x86_x32(-)?,abi_mips_n32(-)?,abi_mips_n64(-)?,abi_mips_o32(-)?]". (dependency required by "net-fs/samba-3.6.23-r1" [installed]) (dependency required by "gnome-base/gnome-vfs-2.24.4-r2[samba]" [installed]) (dependency required by "media-video/vlc-2.1.4[gnome]" [installed]) (dependency required by "@selected" [set]) (dependency required by "@world" [argument]) Something is clearly missing and the tree is currently broken...
  5. Yes definitely, some legacy 32 bits gear still exists and will exist for awhile (think about flash player just to quote one case). Also maybe not the best example around however there are some issues in dosbox with some old games running inside a 64 bits box (scrambled display). Unfortunately x86 is a messy architecture and binary backward compatibility is, at least for now, more or less mandatory depending of course of what you are using. Some proprietary software I use for some of my rig under Linux is also 32 bits. May be some solution will lie in the stabilization of this famous "x32"? Getting rid of those pre-built libraries will help, at least to keep a lean dependency tree... Sure you can split but if you split you must maintain two systems with all the joys this brings in, this is absolutely not "smooth" for the end user...
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